How much will your concrete repair and maintenance cost?

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How much do concrete step repairs cost?

The national average cost to repair concrete steps ranges from $100 to $300 per hour, while most homeowners pay less than $500 for the entire job. Most specialists charge by the hour for concrete step repair, and the total time and project cost will depend on the condition and number of steps you need to repair.

Many homes use concrete for their front steps, patio steps or basement stairs. They can be an attractive and longer-lasting alternative to wood steps. However, even concrete steps can crack, chip, sink, or become uneven over time. Broken concrete steps can create safety hazards and lower your home's curb appeal. Fortunately, a professional can fill cracks, level steps, or pour a new layer of concrete to make your aging steps look like new again.

While some homeowners may DIY their repairs, it's worth hiring a concrete step repair specialist to help if you want to make sure the job is done well—or you're just not sure you can tell a trowel from a chisel. Before you hire a contractor to pour new cement over your cracked concrete stairs, use this guide to help estimate the price of the project.

Concrete step repair cost factors

The total cost of a concrete step repair project depends largely on the state of the concrete and the size and number of steps that need work. Common repairs include:

  • Leveling out uneven concrete slabs
  • Chips (particularly the edge of the step)
  • Cracks

If your concrete is in good condition, your stairs may be a good candidate for a quick fix instead of building a totally new set of steps. Your costs will mostly depend on the hourly rate of the pro you hire, but the type of repair and size of the damaged area can also raise or lower the price.

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Hourly rates and material costs

You can expect, on average, an hourly rate between $100-$300 for concrete step repair. Because fixing outdoor patio steps requires minimal concrete, contractors usually charge by the hour. They typically do not charge extra for materials, like cement or bonding agents, and include those costs in their hourly rates. However, it's always a good idea to check on this when you get an estimate from a pro.

The type of concrete step repair

Concrete step repairs like filling holes, patching cracks and applying a smooth new layer of concrete over aging steps has an average cost of less than $500 nationwide. However, the smaller the repair, the less your project will cost.

For most concrete step repairs, your contractor will first prepare the area by removing loose concrete with a chisel and cleaning it with a wet brush. They will then apply a concrete bonding agent and a quick-setting cement on top of the damaged concrete with a trowel.

If it's a particularly small job, a contractor will pass on it unless the homeowner is also planning a larger project, like a new concrete patiodrivewaygarage floor resurfacing or retaining wall.

Repainting or blending the step

Fixing and blending in the patch with the other steps costs on average $250-$400 since your contractor will need to sandblast all of the steps first, then skim coat with grout to make the entire surface look the same. If your steps are painted, it may cost more to repaint the patched area so the entire surface is the same color.

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Cost to repair vs. replace concrete steps

Concrete step repairs usually cost less than $500 for all necessary work, including materials (like cement). On the other hand, it's an average cost of $300 per step to replace and install new steps. This price includes the framing, rebar and cement you'll need to build new steps.

Depending on how many steps you need to fix, this can add up. For example, to build three front steps leading up to your front door, your total price might be $900—which is almost double the cost to repair them.

While it's generally less expensive to repair your stairs than to remove them and install new steps, it's not always the best option. If steps are chipped or even crumbling, they can still be salvaged by a professional concrete contractor or masonry company, but only if the damage isn't too extensive.

If you're not sure if you need to repair or replace your stairs, have a concrete contractor assess the damage, and chat through your options. They can tell you if you're dealing with serious or superficial damage, give you an idea of how long the repairs will last, and estimate the project's price. Once you know the pros, cons, and costs for repairs or replacements, you can make the right decision for you.

Tips for hiring a concrete contractor

Repairing your concrete steps is a great, cost-effective alternative to building an entirely new set of stairs. To make sure it's done right and so you won't have to repair them again, hire an expert to help. Before you do, follow these tips when you search for a concrete step repair specialist near you:

  • Look for a certified mason and licensed builder who is fully bonded and insured. These certifications both protect the homeowner and provide evidence of the company's skill and expertise.
  • Pair step repair with other concrete projects. You can save money by asking a professional to repair your concrete steps alongside other cement repairs or projects, like asking them to install a new cement walkway. It also increases your chances of finding a contractor willing to take the job.
  • Know who to hire. Because replacing a few outdoor steps can be a relatively small and simple job, a local handyman may be a more affordable option than a mason, but be sure to check licensing requirements in your state. Indoor concrete stairs, which are subject to more building codes than porch steps, should be repaired by a concrete or masonry professional.

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While this can seem a relatively simple home improvement project, it's worthwhile to hire a concrete step contractor on Thumbtack who can do the job properly and ensure that it's done correctly and safely. Call in a pro near you and let them guide you through.

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