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I am a 25-year old woman who loves taking photos. Art therapy is my major, and my concentration is photography, and drawing. I take pictures of family portraits, engagements, weddings, seniors, proms, pets, infants, landscapes, and wildlife. On Facebook, you can look up "Angelina Marie Wolf Photography". If you are wondering what's the difference between my photography business and others, well, let me help you here. 1) When it comes to money, I charge differently. Many photographers will have a base price. I ask you a few questions about how long, how many pictures (for me to edit), and what location for me to travel. I then think about what would be reasonable for you and myself. If you have more questions about this or want to know my past prices, just ask. 2) I am very organized. I will ask you many questions about the look, theme, tattoos, location, etc. to make sure my ast. and myself can be prepared and can feel easy for your photo shoot. 3) I am a very relaxed but upbeat person. I will try to make you feel apart of my family while I take as many pictures of you and possibly for your family. I understand that you want the best pictures possible while still having a fun time! My goal is to make everyone see a story in each of my pictures. This requires a lot of my time and work on my part. I need to be knowledgeable of the location, props, cultures, ages, events, and much more. I each of my photo shoots, I try to bring props. I will care for you, and I will also bring out laughter.

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