Thomas Boyers V, Attorney at Law

About this pro

I am honored to continue a multi-generational tradition of representing accused individuals in the courts of Sumner County. In these days of our aggressive and intrusive criminal justice system, individuals require the assistance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer more than ever. I have worked in all aspects of the system, from working as an adult probation officer for the Department of Corrections to district criminal investigator, assistant public defender and to my current private criminal defense practice. The focus of our criminal justice system means that drug cases represent a large percentage of those which I handle. The very serious implications of guilty findings in cases involving sexual allegations causes these cases to occupy a significant portion of my caseload. Enjoyment comes from well-executed, professional delivery of an oftentimes very difficult service. The aspect of the profession which serves to energize myself and most practitioners is the instance when a former client approaches and exclaims that your effort changed or possibly saved his or her life. This happens, and it evens out the tough parts.




Gallatin, TN 37066
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