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The Killing Kompany

Levittown, NY

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About The Killing Kompany

Imagine! A shot in the dark. Laughter from the rafters. Diabolical deeds. Romance. Humor. And you could be the guilty party!

With the Killing Kompany, you can be part of the show and the number one criminal may be seated right next to you. For over 20 years, we have performed for public and private events throughout the country, from coast to coast, for major corporations, casinos, resorts, birthdays, fundraisers, anniversaries, rehearsal dinners, bar/bat mitzvahs, sweet sixteens, children’s parties... you name it !

What makes us stand out from the others is that we create a new show each time. That's right! Each show is different, having been written and created for that performance only. And we can create shows based upon all sorts of themes, from wedding themes to cabaret and from corporate setting to mob show. No matter what, each show is unique for our audience; no one ever sees the same show twice, but all our events have this in common: with each show, professional Broadway, TV and film actors are mixed in with the audience, and evidence is created in which you are implicated as suspects. Prizes are awarded to the winner who can solve the crime.

We also have other interactive shows like game shows.


21 Turn Lane
Levittown, NY 11756

Question and answer

Q. Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?

A. Please check out our web site at There are links on our home page to view videos of our TV appearances on CNN (which will give you an idea of what our corporate shows are like) and on MSG Networks - Metro TV (which will give you an idea of what our open to the public shows are like). Also you’ll find a link to copies of various newspaper articles, letters of references and a list of our open to the public shows based in the NYC/LI/NY area with prices starting at $45 per person, as well as audience comments to our public shows. For private events, our prices are based on the number of actors you hire and start at approximately $1000. We can perform these shows at virtually any venue you select. We also offer "comedy-mystery" shows. They have all the excitement, mystery, intrigue, gun shots, fights, music, and laughs as our murder mystery shows - but no one gets hurt.

Q. What questions do customers most commonly ask you? What's your answer?

A. The format of the evening could be as follows:

1. The show will be divided into four acts, assuming you are having a 4 course sit-down dinner. During the prologue (cocktail party and appetizers), actors will make themselves known to the audience (they will be the victims, suspects, the criminal, police, etc.).

2. After the cocktail party, the police will ask the audience to sit down and the first act will take place: there will be a crime where one of the characters is killed or wounded, the police take over and evidence will be revealed (evidence will always lead the audience to the real criminal among them and to themselves as guest suspects).

3. The salad is served and music will be played while the audience is dining. Then the second act takes place: there will be more action, and more evidence will be revealed, and more audience members will be named in certain items of evidence.

4. The main course is served and music will be played while the audience is dining. Then the third act takes place: there will probably be a final crime and all the final evidence will be revealed. The police will announce that the ballots may now be filled out as the audience tries to guess the identity of the criminal.

5. The dessert is served and the ballots are collected. Then the final act takes place: the police make their final summation, the criminal is revealed, there will be a shoot out and then the cast is introduced and prizes are awarded.

The show will be "theatre-in-the-round" - we will work out with you and the venue the best proper floor plan for the evening. And while you are dining, the actors are seated with you and mingling with you. We will also play background and dance music for you. Because our script will be custom written for you, we can also accommodate any speeches or announcements that you would like to take place during the event.

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