G & G Holistic

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Based in North Miami Beach, Florida, G and G Holistic is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center with an integrated approach to helping patients break free from their addictions. Founded by John Giordano and Jerry Goldfarb, recovered former addicts who have stayed sober for a combined total of 40 years, G and G Holistic prides itself on a progressive, open-minded approach to treating addicts. Unlike the traditional medical model of addiction, which portrays alcoholism or drug abuse as the result of biochemical predispositions, G and G Holistic adheres to a more complex model, which recognizes the role of treating physical health, emotional health, and spirituality simultaneously. By working to address underlying emotional issues, like abuse, childhood trauma, or damaging personal relationships, the G and G Holistic staff help neutralize the emotional triggers that can lead to addiction and relapse. The G and G Holistic experience is comprised of multiple activities that address physical, mental, and spiritual health. The keystone of the G and G Holistic program is psycho-emotional therapy, which is conducted individually and in groups for over 40 hours per week of treatment. Therapy at G and G Holistic begins with a full psychiatric evaluation, and can integrate a wide variety of modalities, including gestalt, dialectic behavior therapy, motivational interviewing, transformational therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. In addition to a psychiatric evaluation, each G and G Holistic patient receives a hair elements analysis and nutritional assessment to ensure a proper diet and vitamin regimen is administered. Exercise is also a major part of the G and G Holistic program -- access to a gym is provided on alternating days, while a yoga studio and karate dojo are available on weekends, and a confidence-building ropes course is offered to all G and G Holistic clients once each month. Finally, G and G Holistic emphasizes caring for the body, with services like acupuncture, massages, and colonics available to all clients. Each Saturday, the entire G and G Holistic group takes a day trip to a spa with the goal of teaching clients to embrace "sober fun".


Miami, FL 33162
Coverage Area for G & G Holistic is about 30+ miles of Miami, FL.