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Phoenix, AZ

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What do you enjoy about the work you do?

I LOVE capturing amazing photos for people and seeing the looks on their faces and how happy they are when they see the great work I did for them...Knowing that I was AN EXTREMELY important part of their life and that the memories Ive helped create are going to last them a lifetime!


Phoenix, AZ 85048

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8 Reviews
  • Susie M. Mar 22, 2015
    Christy Romano is a drug addict. She is a stripper who prostitues herself out on backpages. She can't take care of her own kids- especially wouldn't trust her to take care of mine. There's a warrant out for her arrest for a previous criminal charge. If you see her, call the police.
  • John V. Mar 22, 2015
    Criminal, junkie, prostitute will steal from you and have sex with your bf don't employ call the cops if you see her she has a warrant for her arrest
  • Lexi J. May 30, 2013
    I beg you, do NOT employ this person to do you photographs. Her lack of professionalism is apparent in almost every picture she posts. Anyone can take photographs, but some people have poor judgement in doing so. Such is the case with Miss Romano. Upon taking maternity pictures of my daughter and her child's father, in most pictures, my daughter's face wasn't even showing. In the one picture her face was showing, she was setting down and if you didn't know she was pregnant, you would think it was just another beautiful picture of her. In another maternity picture, the father is pinching my daughter's baby bump and licking her face...really! Upon the birth of my granddaughter, Miss Romano/Quill (because she was a friend of the father's) was trusted to take precious newborn pictures. I will have to say she did take one cute picture, but the rest were terrible. The lighting was bad, and the scenes lacked interest. The focus should be on the baby, not the surround elements. Also, any many pictures, the baby was placed in very uncomfortable positions that made her look like ET. And, there's more...after all that, Miss Romano/Quill promised my daughter and the father a CD of all the pictures, edited and not edited...and, of course, they have never gotten that or many of the pictures. Miss Romano was trusted with this precious memory, and now my daughter has no professional newborn pictures to remember those first few days. Upon comments i made on her FB page about the positioning of my grandchild, Miss RomanoQuill sent a private message to me stating: ""Christy Quill: I FEEL SO BAD FOR X.X. Youve got issues lady LOL...GROW UP!" Not only is this immature, she also has grammar issues. To this message, she blocked my ability to reply. Now, who needs to grow up! I also know of two other people who have had similar situations with her and now regret trusting her. Thank goodness, another young lady was spared the pain my daughter had and has declined to us Miss Romano/Quill for her newborn pictures. I hope this message prevents the loss of any more precious moments at the hands of Miss Romano/Quill which can never be captured on film again. Thank you Have a blessed day!
    Christy R. Aug 1, 2013

    Everyone this woman Lexi is the mother in law of my friend L.J. (the babies father) Does that explain her review already??? LOL My friend WAS very happy with his pictures in fact, ill add them later they ESPECIALLY LOVED the one showing their personality as a couple when he licked her face L.J. said "its Cayters favorite, she's framing it" See, I capture the moment, I don't just order poses the entire time. Being my friends I even gave them a great deal and with all the time I spent with them and time editing their 40 favorite maternity shots it came out to $10-15 an hour....I'm not sure why Lexi is such an angry miserable woman that she feels the need to attack the spirit of a young wife and mother of two young kids to take care of and I don't care anymore....I still get work and I still LOVE doing it and MOST OF ALL my 212 Facebook friends LOVE my photography....I do have to say though that I HIGHLY suggest you put an end to the harassment and call me like a mature grandmother u should be!!! Thx guys

  • Misti G. Jul 22, 2012
    Christy was more than prepared when coming to take newborn pictures of my daughter, even down to bringing a space heater to keep her warm while doing the pictures. She was more than gentle with her taking hundreds of photographs. She came up with all the poses since I had a creativity block on what kind of pictures I wanted to have done. I can’t wait to see the next photo session she has with all my girls.
  • Isis B. Apr 16, 2012
    Verified Review
    She tried to contact me once via text message and that was on the same day she removed her availability and gave me a negative review! I've had some complications with my pregnancy and therefore have not had the time to reply to my emails. She obviously has no understanding of how unpredictable pregnancy can be and how she shouldn't expect every potential costumer to reply to her quote. I'm glad that she decided to show her true colors before I decided to make use of her services. I would never recommend her to anyone!
    Christy R. Oct 25, 2012

    I'd really appreciate the truth if you are going to post a negative review on my page...I submitted my response to your request right away on March it shows me, you VIEWED IT the next day March 30th with NO response whatsoever...yes, after two weeks on April 16th, I decided to withdraw my offer because I found it quite rude to not even offer a "no thank you" since I was generous enough to quote you within 24 hours...I have two kids I'm very aware of how pregnancy works but let's be real on this excuses...

  • Brenda B. Sep 16, 2011
    christy is an amazing photographer for sure!! she has captured many beautiful photos for my family. We used her for our maternity pictures and they came out absolutely perfect and beautiful. She managed to get my 22 month old son in some wonderful shots with myself and my belly. and we all know its not easy to get a toddler to take photos let alone in posing ones. She captured amazing memories for us that day and now i have gorgeous maternity pictures that i will have forever to remember that special time of our lives. We also had Christy take my newborn photos about 3 weeks ago. My daughter was only 10 days old and my son was now 2 yrs old. These pictures were probably the most precious pictures i have ever seen!! She truly has an eye and a gift for capturing such quick and special moments!! People that have seen these pictures say they are the most adorable pictures they have ever seen!! She has great ideas and is willing to work with yours as well. I got breathtaking pictures of my 2 babies and my husband and myself that were taken by Christy She is professional and has an amazing talent and i would recommend her to anyone for their special moments.
  • Tammy D. Sep 14, 2011
    We contacted Christy to photograph our wedding after seeing her spectacular work with infants and families on Facebook. She has a natural gift with photography and her love of the art shows through! Our wedding presented some challenges for any photographer because we were married outside at noon! High noon is not an optimal outside shooting time due to the position of the sun at that time of the day. We were aiming for the noon hour because of the play with the numbers on that particular day. (09-10-11 @ 12). We discussed the difficulties of a shoot as such and decided to go with it anyway. Christy faced the challenge head on and outperformed! We are pleased with all of the sneak peeks she has allowed us to see so far and are anxiously awaiting the rest! Her gracious demeanor and her professional behavior are unmatched and highly appreciated as well! We are already looking forward to utilizing her services in the future to capture other cherished family memories!! Thank you Christy!
  • Michael G. Aug 15, 2011
    Christy was able to take great pictures of my youngest child who normally clams up with cameras and cries through the pictures. Pricing is better than retailers because there are no sitting fees which add up fast.


How did you get started doing this type of work?
Ive ALWAYS enjoyed taking pictures since I was a teenager. Everyone said I went picture crazy! Once I had kids it got even worse lol and after so many people telling me how many great shots I had and how I took amazing pictures I decided that I would really really enjoy it as a career too. It something I absolutely love doing and whats better then that?
What types of customers have you worked with?
So far my most common job Ive had has been maternity sessions and newborn posing sessions and family added into those sessions as favorite ones are newborns! I LOVE babies and posing them is so much fun! Showing off my work with the newborn sessions is most fun too. People usually are surprised and amazed at how I can get those little babies into the sweetest positions and capture the quick little smile in their sleep or precious lip puckers etc... :)
Describe a recent project you are fond of. How long did it take?
My last newborn session was with a 7 day old baby girl which is normally a perfect age because under 10 days old is best however this little angle did not want to stay was pretty difficult and I was short on time. Anyway I still managed to get some AMAZING shots of her anyway by being quick with the camera and having patience and staying postive. Her name is Layla so check out those great images on my facebook page :) My favorite is her and her daddy in the most ADORABLE pose!!! (my facebook page display picture)
What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
Check out their work portfolio and references...ask questions :)