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How much does an event photographer cost?

Average cost in 20149: $280 See National


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The average cost for an event photographer is $280. You are likely to spend between $155 and $510 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated August 1st, 2017

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Event photographers are hired to capture and edit photos taken at birthday parties, corporate events, life milestone celebrations, family reunions, sweet 16 parties, children’s parties and much more. Photographers can provide final photos in print or digital form. Most can shoot intimate events with fewer than 10 people or large parties with hundreds of guests. Several factors affect the cost of an event photographer.

Hourly rates

Some event photographers charge a base hourly rate. A base rate is a starting fee that goes up as different services are added to the job request. Other photographers charge a set hourly rate that includes all services. Here are examples of each type of pricing:

  • Base rate: SlikWay Photo & Video Production offers event photography services starting at $110 per hour. Hourly costs may rise from there, depending on requests from clients.

  • Set rate: Yodog Media offers all event photography at $115 per hour, which includes the cost of editing the photos.

Number of photographers

Larger events may require an additional photographer or a photographer’s assistant. Depending on the business model, the additional photographer may cost the same hourly rate as the principal photographer or their services may be included at a discounted rate. Photographer’s assistants typically cost less per hour than a more seasoned photographer. Assistant’s typically help with handle lighting and equipment setup.

Hourly minimum

In contrast to wedding photographers, many event photographers charge by the hour rather than offering package prices. To ensure that their time is well spent, some photographers have an hourly minimum. For example, here’s how Peridot Imagery breaks down this type of pricing:

  • Two-hour minimum at $150 per hour

  • Every hour thereafter is $100 per hour

This pricing includes a single location and 14-day access to 50 images in an online gallery


For events that take place in more than one location—such as a mobile bachelorette party or an anniversary dinner followed by a reception—the photographer will either charge a set travel fee or charge more per hour overall. The increased costs cover their additional time, mileage and transportation costs.

Equipment used

Advanced editing technology, specialized lighting equipment and high-end cameras often produce sharper results—and also add to overall costs to clients. The extra fees help photographers recoup the cost of their equipment investments.


Renowned photographers and those who have famous clientele often command higher hourly rates than their peers. In addition, photographers living in areas with a higher cost of living typically charge more per hour.

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Recent reviews

Christopher John Photography

Christopher was amazing. He was patient with my indecisive plan and even helped me brainstorm some ideas to make the proposal better! I couldn't give him an exact time and he was so patient and understanding and supportive. He went above and beyond with the photo shoot and even took extra shots with some of his own ideas after the proposal! The cost was extremely cheap and affordable and I never had to wait for a response when I contacted him about any details. He made my proposal into an amazing experience!

Mark Wilson Images

The photos were stunning. Close-ups he took from afar with his telephoto lens caught expressions of joy. Portraits he took before the event were lovely. Mark was very professional and easy to work with. I booked him from out of town (I'm in California; the event was in Boston). He was quick and responsive over Thumbtack's email, and provided extra photos to show me how he had photographed a similar event. I am absolutely delighted with the memories Mark captured. Through the photos, I feel like I got to experience parts of the event were I wasn't present myself. Mark was not the least expensive "bid" I received, and he was worth every penny. Quality can cost more, but you can never redo a chance to capture memories. Thanks, Mark, for your diligence, speed, and aesthetic eye. I highly recommend Mark.

Primtyme Photography

WOW! Outstanding is an understatement. The Primtyme Photography team is out of this world. They were better then i ever could have hoped for. Understanding and professional and they never made the time requirement an issue. I couldn't have asked for a better team. My fiance was beyond surprised when i proposed. Having them there to capture the moment was worth so much more than it cost. I should have paid double if not triple our agreement because there work was that phenomenal. Hands down, the best photography option in the region.