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You could take your own real estate photos, but with so much riding on the results, it’s a good idea to hire a professional. Studies have shown that professional real estate photos garner nearly twice as many online views and that professionally photographed homes actually sell for more. Many professional photographers specialize in making real estate look its best for potential buyers, lessees and renters. Costs are based on a variety of factors, including the number of final photos needed, the time it takes to shoot and edit the photos, square footage of the home, and other add-on services.

Number of photos

Most real estate photographers provide a standard number of photos, such as 25–50. If customers want more than their standard package, photographers will charge more. For example, XL Visions of Chicago charges $125 for 25 photos and $1 for each additional photo. Some photographers, however, charge by the hour.

Square footage

Many real estate photographers base their prices on the square footage of the property. For example, Art by Art in Los Angeles charges $200 for properties up to 2,500 square feet and $250 for properties from 2,501 to 4,000 square feet.

Time of day

Some photographers charge extra for photos taken at twilight or at night (as well as for weekend photo shoots) because of the lack of natural light. For example, Photos by Gina Real Estate Photography of Indio, California, charges $100–$200 extra for twilight photos, depending on the size of the property.

Video and drones

Some real estate photographers can also provide video footage or drone photography for an additional price. Real Image Pros of Buford, Georgia, offers unlimited aerial images for $249. Some photographers also offer 180-degree and 360-degree panoramic photos for an additional cost.

Packages and add-ons

You can get a lot more from a real estate photographer than just images. Living Space Photos of White Plains, Maryland, for example, offers three packages with lots of goodies:

  • Basic package, including a virtual tour and digital marketing package with up to 25 still images and more: $109–$129

  • Standard package, which includes all of the above plus more marketing add-ons and up to 35 still images: $189

  • The Full House, including all of the above as well as an expanded virtual tour that covers the entire home and property and up to 45 still images: $249

Cost-saving strategies

Ask about package deals to save money over buying a la carte services. But make sure you really need all of the add-ons offered in the package.

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Millions of people ask Thumbtack for help with their projects every year. We track the estimates they get from local professionals, then we share those prices with you.