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About this pro

Based in Riverside and Orange counties in California, Edward Hannigan is providing professional photography to publications, businesses, individuals, and families for more than 5 years.

We provide a fast service with the use of an all-digital workflow to give the images to you as fast as possible. We are affordable, flexible and reliable. Give us a call, and you will be happy you did!

We have teamed with a professional video crew and now will add video packages to all of your wedding packages..

Weddings and Engagements

Single or dual photographer-based photojournalistic wedding packages are the most affordable way to document those memories of your wedding day. We'll capture all of your special memories from the pre-ceremony to the last toast,

Engagement and bridal sessions are also available. Visit our Wedding Soundslide that showcases some recent work.

Freelance News, Editorial and Entertainment Photography

If you need to cover breaking news, editorial features, sports, or entertainment events, Edward Hnnigan Photography could capture the images that convey the stories while meeting your deadlines.

Corporate Events

Do you have an important occasion coming up that you need covered? Dinners, meetings, trade shows, conventions, award ceremonies, corporate team building, small and large group shots whatever the occasion, keeping a record is a necessity. It takes an experienced and trained photographer to do interesting and compelling images that document important business milestones.

Portraits and Models

Portrait is a constant need of our business clients for press releases, personnel biographies, web pages, and company registers. We can photograph an entire group or one individual on site. We also work with new models and established in portfolio development.

Political Campaign Coverage

Edward Hannigan Photography offers coverage of political candidates from the campaign trail to special occasions and campaign rallies all the way to the victory party. The photos can be used for campaign materials, websites, and more.

Multimedia Presentations

We take key photos from the event and merge them with audio to create an engaging record of your event -- a keynote speech or political speech, an awards ceremony, a special announcement, or special family moments. These multimedia presentations can be placed online or on CDs for others to share.


Edward Hannigan Photography covers many events throughout Riverside, Orange and San Diego counties. You can buy prints from our website.


Chino Hills, CA 91709

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7 Reviews
  • Cinda A. Sep 22, 2014
    Wedding Photography
    Verified Review
    The WORST ever do not hire this guy! two years after my wedding I have nothing! Been dealing with breast cancer just after wedding...took my money and I have no wedding photos audio or ANYTHING else I paid for! This guy is a scam and a piece of sh$t! DO not hire ever,
  • Kevin K. Jan 18, 2014
    Verified Review
    Ed was dishonest from the start, is a sub par photographer at best, and can’t keep his word and adhere to deadlines he set himself. His father being sick might be a legitimate reason for his inability to keep to deadlines, but his dishonesty and lack of professionalism, resorting to physical threats and use of profanity, is unacceptable in any circumstance. I made the mistake of ignoring one bad review of Ed after seeing his response to it—which I would strongly suggest you take with a grain of salt now that I experienced the same thing. And just for the record, I made no such promises—and ended up with months of headache, excuses, ruined holidays, and an unfinished product in the end. Don’t make the same mistake as me. There are plenty of better photographers (personality, professionalism, price, and photography skill) out there who deserve your business—there’s no reason to risk it with Ed. Wedding photos? LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE. The only other time I’ve dealt with such a nasty person was when I bought my first car. Ed is worse than the sales manager at that car dealership, which by the way, went out of business the next year. Summary of our shoot: 36 emails (many hours you will NOT get back), countless excuses and delays, never finished the shoot, no edited pictures, no backdrops, a whole afternoon of shooting, less than a handful of useable photos (edited by myself), and a final threatening email ending with "happy f*cking new year" from Ed. I've included a quick summary of our email exchanges below but I’d be happy to forward the complete email exchanges with Ed to anyone wanting to see specifics. You can decide for yourself. Oh, and by the way, this is just the things that went wrong AFTER the shoot, there were many things wrong during the shoot AND before the shoot also, including him blatantly lying. Start from the bottom if you want to follow it chronologically. Jan. 2, my last email to Ed, no response after this: Told him I feel bad for his situation but needs to hold himself to higher standards. Said to spend time with his family, forget about sending out the edited pictures. But made sure we're clear on everything that DIDN'T get done for this job, wished him happy new year and good luck with his photography business (because he needs it). Jan. 2, last email from Ed: "...don't bark orders at me unless you want this to get very very ugly. I'm in no mood for attitude...happy f*cking new year." Dec. 31 Me: “Holiday is over. Get the rest of the edits out” (Admittedly, I could have been nicer than this, but after reading the rest of our exchanges you'll understand. Also, this had been another 4 days past when he said he'd get it done so I'm not sure I'd consider my response barking orders and giving attitude; he's obviously never been barked at in the military). Dec. 23 Ed: Edits sent out (only 4 edited ones from a long time ago, nothing new), can’t get the rest until December 27th. Takes no responsibility and blames me for ruining HIS holiday. Dec. 20 Ed: Sent the discs out, post office must have lost package, wants me to just “call it a day”(not write a negative review) when he send it out the next week. Dec. 20 Me: Where are the CD’s? I’m going to write a negative review of you. Dec. 12 (Thurs) Ed: Just sent the CD out. Dec. 11 (Wed) Me: Did you send the CD out? Dec. 8 (Sun) Ed: “Running two days back (insert excuse), will send out Wed. Dec. 8 (Sun) Me: “Just wanted to confirm you’ll be dropping the CD’s off in the mail tomorrow” Dec. 3 (Tue) Ed: Plan to mail everything out BY Sunday. Will get confirmation email when he drops it off. Dec. 3 Me: “…your “few more days” has turned into another week and a half…when do you think you’ll actually get the pictures done?” Nov. 23 Ed: “It will be a few more days. This is not about my word(What?! Not about his word?! This explains A LOT about what’s wrong with him)” Nov. 23 (Sun) Me: “Checking in…pretty late in the week now…should I take your word and expect the pictures to get done tonight?” Nov. 14 (Thur) Ed: “…will try to get them done by the end of week…will have them done ASAP and my best guess is middle to late next at the worst” Nov. 14 Me: Showed Ed the lesson he thought I needed to learn I had to learn while I was in college at 22. Told him I wasn’t talking about his inability to keep his word as being dishonest, had to remind him of specific examples of when he flat out lied. Nov. 14 Ed: “I’ll get them done as quickly as possible. That’s as much time as I am willing to give to this argument.” Talks about how this isn’t about being dishonest, then tries to teach me a life lesson about family member getting sick and having to continue to work. Nov. 14 Me: I did not set the deadline as I’m not a photographer and don’t know how long editing takes, he set the deadline himself after seeing our selections. The same selections that had been set since Oct. 26th. Nov. 13 Ed: Unapologetic, blames me for having selected too many pictures. Nov. 13 Me: “What is going on?...pictures supposed to be done LATEST by Sunday, now three days past that” Nov. 4 Ed: “Working on pics as we read/type this – will have it all wrapped up this week, then we can schedule the next shoot.” Oct. 31 Ed: FIOS service out…blah blah, more excuses…will update tomorrow” Oct. 29 Me: Didn’t hear from him so asked for advice on progress and next step. Oct. 27 Ed: Looking at pictures, will let me know tomorrow. Oct. 27 Me: Emailed him the pictures we liked. Oct. 26 Ed: Some BS about why he left completely unusable pictures in. Will offer feedback on selection (never got any feedback from him btw). Oct. 21 Ed: Pictures finally up (included a bunch of completely dark pictures, pictures with our eyes closed, pictures that aren’t focused, and none of the vertical pictures were rotated which made them really hard to look at and pick. So I’m thinking, I thought all this waiting was for him to do all these things besides just uploading the pictures.) Oct. 20 Me: Wondering why the pictures aren’t uploaded yet? Said they’d be up in a few days, then said working on them Thursday night and pictures will be up over the weekend, then ended up with no pictures uploaded at the end. Oct. 17 Ed: “They go up this weekend. I’m working on them tonight…think we got some winners there!” Oct. 17 (Thurs) Me: “Just wanted to check in and see if you’re almost done uploading pictures from the shoot…Thank you!” Oct. 12: Finished shoot, says will get rid of the bad pictures and upload the good ones but is a couple shoots behind so pictures will take a few days.
  • Christine S. Feb 18, 2013
    Event Photography
    Verified Review
    I hired Ed for my daughter's baby shower back in September 2012. He showed up for the event and seemed very helpful and honest, well, here it is 5 months later without any pictures and many, many repeated excuses for not having the work ready, i.e., "I'm sick" " been to busy in hollywood with all day shoot on a movie" or "my printer broke, had too send out work" and the all time favorite, " will send out pictures FedEx this week and you should receive by Saturday?" So every Saturday since has come and gone. I now have to take this man to small claims this week to recoup monies. If you don't have the time for unprofessional excuses and lies don't hire this man.
    Edward H. Sep 4, 2013

    Many attempts were made to get pictues to this client and in the ned, I hand delivered them to her - even after she said she would not create a bad review.

  • Heather A. Sep 20, 2012
    Verified Review
    Edward's talent lies in capturing a passing moment effortlessly. His ability to harness the feeling and energy of his subjects without methodically setting up the shot is evident in his photographs. Clearly his extensive experience in sports and concert photography has brought him to this level of expertise. Edward shot my son's first birthday party stunningly and delivered our prints in a beautiful keepsake box. Hopefully he'll be available for his second birthday as well. Thanks Ed.  H, D & E Atkins 
    Edward H. Sep 20, 2012

    Heather's kind words about my work underscore how easy of a client they are to work with. They gave me complete control to shoot the birthday party and I'm happy with the result, and even happier that they are pleased. I hope for Heather and her family to be long term clients.

  • Ron F. Sep 19, 2012
    Verified Review
    Edward was on time and was very professional. He interacted with the audience very well. the photograghs were abundant and very well done. There was a great selection and some great shots. I would refer him, Ron Ferre'
    Edward H. Sep 20, 2012

    Ron's a class act and I enjoyed shooting his event - he knows what he wants, pulls no punches and let's me do my job. How much more could I possibly ask for? Thanks Ron for adding me to that special night...

  • Toni B. Aug 7, 2012
    Verified Review
    I hired Edward Hannigan in June of 2012 because he lives and works near a family reunion I was planning in San Clemente, CA. He returned my initial call promptly and I could tell from our first conversation that he was going to be the right guy for the job. He showed up on time and stayed until each of the 7 families were satisfied with their individual shots. We also did large group shots, which he helped to stage after casing out our rental home, the decks and the lighting. Edward followed through on everything we agreed to and my parents, brothers and sisters and I are thrilled to have photos that will forever remind us of our 2012 Reunion. We got to know Ed and his fiancé a little bit after the shoot since it only seemed appropriate to offer him dinner and a drink after all his hard work. Thanks Edward!
    Edward H. Aug 7, 2012

    Toni and her family are one of my favorite clients - they sung us with their family song on our way out the door !

  • Lori M. Mar 23, 2012
    Event Photography
    Verified Review
    After putting in the bid, Edward called quickly. We had a wonderful chat regarding the job for bid and what he could do. I hired him on the spot. His price was in my range and his website showed experience of exactly what I was looking for.
    Edward H. Aug 7, 2012

    Lori's firm is easy to work with, clear on what they want and pay quickly - what more can a photographer want. Plus, Lori's a pleasure to deal with.


What should the customer know about your pricing (e.g., discounts, fees)?
It's not really too complicated - just packages with different levels of time commitments and output of what prints and such a client might recieve. You can see it at my website. And custom packages are available too !
What types of customers have you worked with?
Recently, I've had the pleasure of shooting a family reunion in Dana Point, a child's birthday in Chino Hills, a commercial as a still photographer on three different locations, and a feature film again (as a stills photography) in Orange. I've also been able to do some corporate headshots and some sports photography along the way !
What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
Photography is often the last thing that a bride, or a newborn mother, or a proud parent of a senior graduating, or an event planner for that 50th wedding anniversary thinks of. I wish to impress this upon you regarding photography - all that work you've done, and you want pictures based on the lowest bid?