Syntegratek, Inc.

About this pro

Syntegratek (Synergy, Integrity, & Technology) creates secure, affordable, and reliable computing environments for businesses with up to 30 computers in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are Microsoft-certified small business specialists and work with every aspect of your computing infrastructure. Whether it is networking your office, getting you connected to the internet, managing and maintaining your servers and PCs, or making the Macintoshes play nicely with your Windows PCs, we can do it. If you need advice on how to deploy Google Apps or want off-site backups of your data, we can help. Some clients only want to see us only when they have a crisis. Others solicit a more proactive solution. We will not sell you services you don't want or need, nor do we expect to become your trusted advisor after our first meeting. However, over time we would hope that we can develop a mutually beneficial relationship where we can help you make your business better and more profitable. Our passion is helping businesses make the most from their technology, whether it is maximizing productivity, reducing expenses or increasing profitability. To reduce your overall information system expenses, we use automatic maintenance, monitoring, remote support, and off-site backup tools to dramatically reduce the need for onsite maintenance. We have more than 20 years of experience helping businesses with their computers. When we work with someone, we like to look at our relationship as a partnership. It is our job to make sure you can do your job or at least to make sure the tools you are using are adequate for the job you're doing. The trick here is that this means different things to different people We are not the usual IT shop. We utilize a combination of on-site, remote access, and monitored/managed services to deliver quality support and maintenance. Our work is guaranteed, and we follow a best-practices methodology for ensuring your system's security, integrity, and performance. Give us a call, and receive a free one-hour needs assessment consultation.


San Francisco, CA 94104
Coverage Area for Syntegratek, Inc. is about 25+ miles of San Francisco, CA.