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Apple computer repair professionals can diagnose and (most often repair) a range of problems with Apple hardware, including Mac desktop and laptop computers, iPhones, and iPads. Since Apple designs and makes the operating system software and the hardware for its devices, repair technicians often specialize exclusively in Apple products. Apple is also known for its AppleCare service and support program, which, similar to a car warranty, has a time limit. AppleCare service covers the work of most independent technicians. The national average cost for Apple repair services provided by independent technicians ranges from $45 to $140. Some repairs can be quickly diagnosed and completed, while others take more time.

Replacement components or upgrades add to costs. In some cases, malfunctioning parts cannot be replaced or it is more cost-effective to buy a brand-new replacement device.

Hourly rates

Most Apple technology repair services charge by the hour and base repair estimates on the amount of time a repair will take plus the cost of parts and any required sales tax. Avi Lerner of IndyMac.Support in Noblesville, Indiana, offers repair and maintenance in addition to technical support for $60 per hour plus travel time and expenses, with a minimum of two hours per visit. He charges $40 per hour to customers who bring their devices to him for repair. Mac-Repair in Phoenix charges $80 per hour with a one-hour minimum.

Data backup

It’s a good idea to back up the data on a computer or mobile device before having it repaired or serviced. Lerner of IndyMac.Support charges $40 to back up the data on a device he is repairing, if customers provide their own backup drive. Otherwise, he can back up data onto one of his drives for an additional $10.

Travel fees

Many independent service pros travel to customers’ locations to diagnose computer problems and repair them. However, when they have to drive a long distance, some technicians charge a travel fee to cover the cost of gas and travel time.

Common repairs and upgrades

Apple repair services routinely perform a few specific tasks. For example, adding a hard drive to a Mac system to help increase space, improve performance and free up memory. Here’s how Lerner of IndyMac.Support breaks down pricing for common Apple MacBook upgrades:

  • Hard drive: $225–$450, including the cost of the drive (varies by capacity) and labor

  • Memory: $75–$200, depending on how much memory is added

  • Screen: $250 and up, depending on screen size and quality

Mobile devices

One of the most common repairs made to iPhones and iPads is fixing or replacing a cracked or shattered screen. Experimac in Boynton Beach, Florida, which also offers Apple computer maintenance and repairs, charges the following set fees to replace Apple mobile device screens:

  • iPhone

    • 4/4S: $49.99

    • 5/5c: $69.99

    • 6: $89.99

    • 6+: $99.99
  • iPad

    • Mini 2: $89.99

    • Mini 3: $99.99

    • Mini 4: $199.99

    • 2, 3, 4: $89.99

    • Air: $99.99

    • Air 2: $159.99

Cost-saving strategies

In most cases, customers can save time (and often money) by purchasing the part they need to upgrade or replace and then hiring a repair technician to install it. Lerner of IndyMac.Support cautions customers to consult the technician or repair service about exactly what to buy first.

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