How much will your phone or tablet repair cost?

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Phone or Tablet Technicians on Thumbtack cost$70 - $100

Average fixed price

  • Lowest price:$50
  • Most common low price:$70
  • Most common high price:$100
  • Highest price:$140

How much does an iPhone screen repair cost?

On average, iPhone screen repairs cost $220. If you have a warranty, prices start at $29 but can increase to $329 if you don't have one. Ultimately, your costs will depend on the type of phone you have, the severity of the damage and more.

iPhone screen repair cost:

National average cost $220
Low-end cost $29-$140
High-end cost $279-$329

At some point, almost every iPhone user will drop their phone and break the device’s screen. This kind of accidental damage is a relatively inexpensive fix if you have a warranty. However, if it’s no longer covered by an Apple warranty, Apple’s fees increase significantly.

Here's a look at how much professionals charge to fix cracked iPhone screens, and how you can get cost estimates from technicians near you.

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How much are Apple iPhone screen repairs?

Apple charges set fees for replacing a broken iPhone screen. Prices start at just $29 if it’s under AppleCare coverage. Out of warranty, replacing the glass screen costs $129-$329.

iPhone screen repair cost breakdown

Model Screen repair or replacement cost (out-of-warranty)
iPhone 5c $129
iPhone 5s $129
iPhone SE $129
iPhone SE (2nd generation) $129
iPhone 6 $129
iPhone 6 Plus $149
iPhone 6s $149
iPhone 6s Plus $169
iPhone 7 $149
iPhone 7 Plus $169
iPhone 8 $149
iPhone 8 Plus $169
iPhone XR $199
iPhone X $279
iPhone XS $279
iPhone XS Max $329
iPhone 11 $199
iPhone 11 Pro $279
iPhone 11 Pro Max $329
iPhone 12 mini $229
iPhone 12 $279
iPhone 12 Pro $279
iPhone 12 Pro Max $329

Source: Apple

Apple charges anywhere from $149-$599 for additional repairs and issues, such as accidental damage.

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iPhone screen repair prices from third parties

Another repair option is having a third-party service provide fix your cracked iPhone. Third-party vendors, such as Staymobile in Columbia, South Carolina, may charge less and usually have a faster turnaround time. iPhixShop LLC iPhone & iPad Repair, Accessories says most repairs take less than 30 minutes. Mobile iPhone repair services will also travel to you for the repair, which can save you time. 

The cost of screen repair or replacement depends on the model. Next Tech Solutions LLC in Stonington, Connecticut, can provide screen replacements and repairs service. They service iPhone models 5 through models X, iPad and other Android phones including Samsung and LG. You can check their fees below:

  • iPhone 5/5c: $70
  • iPhone 6/5s: $80
  • iPhone 7/6s: $90
  • iPhone 6 Plus: $100
  • iPhone 8/7 Plus: $120
  • iPhone 8 Plus: $140
  • iPhone X: $270

In contrast, iPhixShop LLC iPhone & iPad Repair, Accessories services iPhone models 4 through iPhone XR and had a March 2019 promotion of:

  • iPhone XR: $235 +tax
  • iPhone Xs: $245 +tax
  • iPhone X:  $225 +tax
  • iPhone 8:  $95 +tax
  • iPhone 8 Plus: $95 +tax
  • iPhone 7 Plus: $90 +tax
  • iPhone 7: $90 +tax
  • iPhone 6s Plus:  $84 +tax
  • iPhone 6s: $74 +tax
  • iPhone 6 Plus: $74 +tax
  • iPhone 6: $64 +tax
  • iPhone 5s/SE: $60 +tax
  • iPhone 5/5c:  $60 +tax
  • iPhone 4/4s:  $45 +tax

Similarly, Break & Fix’s screen replacement fees range from $70 for iPhone 5 and SE models to $125 for the iPhone 7 Plus.

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Additional cost factors

The main cost factors for iPhone screen repair are:

  • the model of the device
  • whether both layers of the screen — the glass (called the digitizer in some models) and the LCD layer — are broken

The newer and larger the model, the more expensive it is to repair.

How to hire a professional to fix your cracked screen

You can easily hire an iPhone repair professional by following these steps: 

1. Get cost estimates from Apple and third-party technicians. 

To get the best value for your buck, compare prices from both Apple and third-party services. Reach out to several technicians, and let them know the model of your iPhone, if you have a warranty and the severity of the damage.

2. Check the customer reviews. 

Make sure you hire a technician who has mostly favorable reviews, and find out if they have a track record of making broken iPhones look good as new.

3. Look at before-and-after photos. 

In addition to reading the client testimonials, look for photos (posted by the technician or past customers) of iPhones the technicians have repaired so you can gauge their craftsmanship.

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Have more questions about iPhone repairs that include broken and shattered screens (e.g., iPhone battery replacement, home button damage)? Contact an iPhone repair technician near you on Thumbtack. Thumbtack can help you find the right pro by matching your request with local pros.

Thumbtack Pro, SmartPhone Medic, shares a bit more in this video about one of the first iPhone 4 screen replacements:

How do we know these prices?

Millions of people ask Thumbtack for help with their projects every year. We track the estimates they get from local professionals, conduct our own research and then we share those prices with you. The prices reflected in the article above are for informational purposes only and are subject to change at any time. Contact a professional near you to receive a personalized cost estimate for your project.


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