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As the only online corrector of French grammar and essays, we have the pleasure to offer you our top-rated, unique services. If you are currently enrolled in a French course, be it a beginners-level or one that is graduate-level, and are having trouble with an essay or are in need of an experienced proofreader, you are at the right place! Moreover, if you need a French paper written from scratch or need translation services, look no further. Even the slightest errors in a paper can distract the reader and call into question the validity of the material. That is something that must be avoided! Don't let the great quality of your work be hindered by mistakes. We are here to help you! Our prices are lower than those of any of our competitors because we highly understand that our customers deserve an affordable service. For corrections, simply give us up to 48 hours; and we'll have your assignment rigorously proofread, checked, and ready to turn in! If needed, we will even include comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism so that your essay is coherent, efficacious, and worthy of high marks! If you need us to write a paper from scratch, provide us with an outline; and we will do the rest. The finishing time of a paper write-up depends on the length and material of the paper in question. Most importantly, your information and paper material are never shared, sold, or made public for any reason; so please feel confident in knowing your work is in our hands. PRICING Simple Correction (includes spelling, conjugations, grammar check, punctuation) $4.00/page [1 page = 1500 characters with spaces] In-depth Correction (includes service of the Simple Correction + partial rewriting of the most problematic sentences) $6.50/page Teacher's Choice Correction (partial rewriting of the document when necessary + In-depth Correction service with restructuring when necessary) $10.00/page Writing from provided outline, Translation (English-French/French-English) (high-quality essay on topic of choice from provided information, translation services) $39.99/hour [please contact us for exact price tailored to your work] ~~~ FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How does this service work? We all know that even a single mistake in an essay can distract its reader. With our service, rest assure that any errors, be they grammatical, syntactical, tautological, will be fully eradicated. It's a simple and easy 5 step process! 1) Send in your essay/ project plans as a Word Document or a PDF file to our e-mail address to receive a free quote. Be sure to let us know what kind of correction you would like. 2) You will receive a confirmation e-mail with a tailored price specifically for your essay. 3) If satisfied with the quote, you simply reply to the e-mail with an OK. 4) You will promptly receive an invoice from PayPal. You may follow the PayPal link to effectuate payment online. 5) Once payment is received, within 48 hours, your essay will be fully corrected and returned to you. The original as well as the corrected version will be attached together to the e-mail. Will my information be safe and secure? Absolutely. You will take complete credit in your work. Our services are here to help bring your work or project full circle. No information will be shared with third parties; that is, no document or information will be given to, shared with, or sold to a third party. In terms of payment, all remuneration is effectuated through a secure, online server on PayPal. Why does French Essay Corrector use Paypal? Could I use an other payment method? We effectuate all payment through PayPal primarily for the well-being and benefit for our valued customers. PayPal is a free service that ensures a secure, quick, and easy transaction. Additionally, PayPal keeps a record for the customer of all transactions that have been made, allowing the customer to maintain all personal information. Unfortunately, at this moment, French Essay Corrector is not offering other methods of payment or other payment processors. We appreciate and thank you in advance for your understanding. Does French Essay Corrector use any proofreading programs or software? We do not employ any proofreading program or special software to edit and revise your composition. Our proofreading team first prints out a hard copy of your work, corrects it by hand, and finally transfers all hand-written corrections electronically to Microsoft Word. ~~~


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