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South Pasadena, CA

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Om cuisine is focused on optimum health through diet, more than just eating to feel full, Om cooking makes you healthier. The unique needs of individuals recovering from or receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatments has become an Om specialty.


South Pasadena, CA 91031


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  • Michelle B. Sep 26, 2014
    I'm new to writing a thumbtack review, but an expert at divining great services from other thumbtack reviewers. So I thought I should finally dip my toe into this world of posting reviews with a person offering services that I strongly believe in... Dev, of OMChef, has touched my life over the past 6 years. I met her through a word of mouth referral as I needed some prepared food while I was nursing my first child and I was hoping to lose some baby weight in the process. She would bring the most beautiful, healthy organic food prepared and packaged with a conscious. She completely educated me on GMO's, food chemistry, environmental awareness of our products and how to best nourish our bodies with the foods we love and some we learn to love. I lost the weight, but not my friendship and knowledge. Our paths crossed again almost 4 yrs later (this past year) when I was diagnosed with Cancer. You would think after eating healthier and paying more attention I wouldn't get cancer at 42. Well I got a really rare sarcoma in my soft tissue of my leg.. This cancer has nothing to do with the food I put in my body. With that said, I knew I wanted to be as clean and green as possible and have the support of Dev to provide nourishing meals for myself and family as I went through Chemo / Radiation / Surgery and recovery. She talked with me before I started this process and informed about what to expect. This was so eye-opening because I sat with the staff nutritionist at the hospital who didn't explain half the things that Dev imparted to me. Dev took on the task to help me and family and I couldn't have been in better hands. She created menus to match my changing taste buds almost the night before a delivery. She created this wonderful little picnic baskets for my long chemo days at the hospital. She would also put together family meals for the days I felt better. Truly, I can't speak more highly of OmChef, Dev, and the support to my recovery.... Please please check out OMChef. She does a host of things: catering private parties,food delivery, cancer patient food support, culinary instruction (great present - gift certificates), shopping / food prep for families and busy professionals. Go to her website you will be thrilled you found her. oh by the way, I'm cancer free!
  • Bubbie C. Mar 10, 2014
    "….Om cooking is everything the website describes and more. Each week is a scrumptious foodie adventure and can be anything from classic American dishes made healthy with the Om 'enlightening' treatment to Thai, Japanese, Indian and even Persian dishes. During the Chinese new year there were Om made dumplings and moon cakes as delicious as the best dim sum houses in Chinatown. Last week included an Om made veggie lasagna, minestrone soup and focaccia bread that would make Mario Batali jealous, it was that good! Om desserts taste amazingly decadent even if some of the 'sin' has been removed, be sure to ask for the extra dark chocolate and cacao nib truffles, they are special order only, but oh so worth it. Bon Appetit! Bubbie


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cooking for and instructing people of all ages how to dramatically and deliciously increase their consumption of plant based foods leading to dramatically improved health and happiness. What can a plant based diet do? Prevent and/or reverse: heart disease diabetes obesity high cholesterol high blood pressure cancer depression lethargy ED low libido Om Chef helps you: Re-educate and excite your palate with the healthiest ingredients and dishes Eliminate commercially processed, preservative and pesticide enhanced Discover how delicious and easy healthy eating can be Eliminate sugar, salt and fat cravings Reduce (and for some, eliminate) intake of animal foods Increase intake of raw, plant based foods Avoid the ever increasing cost of healthcare required to treat the above mentioned diseases that are caused by the American diet Achieve and maintain optimum health via the foods you eat