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We strive to help others who are suffering from things that they can not explain. Most people are afraid and feel like they are going crazy. We are there to listen first and foremost. We thrive in collecting as much information as we can about the activity and person experiencing activity with a very detailed interview. We are here to find the truth and to help those in need. I provide client counseling if needed depending on the case types. If we can not solve the problem, we have the resources to reach out to those with the expertise who can. I love being able to help those who are in need. I have a passion for the paranormal due to having several experiences of my own through out my life. I love meeting new people who have had similar experiences. Mostly, I love being a part of my community and love having the feeling that I can make a difference.


Colorado Springs, CO 80918

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    Q & A

    • What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?
      I am constantly reading,researching, experimenting and investigating to find the truth. You can never learn what you need to in full with the paranormal. One answer always leads to another question.
    • How did you get started doing this type of work?
      I have had experiences through out my life starting at 5. I have since always been curious about the paranormal. When I was 15 I started experimenting with investigating the paranormal and researching it extensively. I have been studying it and chasing it ever since. I am now 35, and have seen the rise in the attention for the paranormal thanks to the TV shows. However, I was seeing that these shows were beginning to make a mockery of the paranormal world and I wanted to stand out and start approaching it as it should be, seriously.
    • What types of customers have you worked with?
      We specialize in paranormal investigations. We have been called on by private residences. We investigate historical locations in our state. We will do extensive research in regards to property, history, etc.. Anything that we can do to find the answers that not only our clients are seeking, but for our research and curiosity as well. We offer day and night investigations. We also offer multiple investigations if needed.We do extensive evidence review to be able to get our clients the most accurate, true information that we can. If we encounter a situation that seems to be out of our expertise, we have the resources to call on those who do.
    Coverage Area for Wednesday's Paranormal Investigations is about 75+ miles of Colorado Springs, CO.