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With nearly 20 years teaching fitness, ten years concentrating on yoga and Pilates and a master's degree in exercise science, I have developed a strong base of knowledge not only in the academic sense, but in my ability to work with all types of people. I have had a lot of practice with all levels of fitness, ages, abilities and have developed an effective way to adapt and make the modifications needed to deliver the highest results. My yoga teaching and my writing is born out of experience and it comes straight from the heart. People recognize this and see the value in having their teacher "walk their talk" so to speak. What I love most about my job is that I get to see a transformation in people from stressed to blissed. This may happen in one class time or over the course of several years, but it happens and it gives me great satisfaction to know I am helping them in this way. I love writing about yoga because it gives me a chance to assimilate yogic concepts and ideas and this makes it all so much more real than just "knowing" about those ideas and concepts.


Dolores, CO 81323

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    • What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?
      Yes, I attend yoga workshops and conferences, plus I read many books and articles. But the most important continuing education I do to stay current in my field is to maintain my own yoga practice. Every time I practice, I learn something new about myself, gain some insight into a challenging pose, understand what it feels like to be a student, etc. I am always searching for ways to become a better teacher and that doesn't always come from attending a lecture. Sometimes even a walk in the woods with my dogs is the best continuing education, as long as I am paying attention to the gain in perspective such an activity can offer.
    • How did you get started doing this type of work?
      I used to pretend I was teaching my stuffed animals gymnastics. I would stretch them out and have them do backbends and handstands. I had a grade book for all of them (they all got an A). I've always been a teacher at heart and I've always loved to move my body in some way or another, so it just felt natural to become what I am today. As far as the writing goes, I've always kept a journal so I've been practicing writing for years. I never thought I'd write as often as I do now (for work) but I love it and it just keeps getting better.
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