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Pueblo, CO

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Our training is based on the best gun handling techniques and safety that the top Instructors use around the country for the classes they teach. We are on top of all the changes in the law and legislation for our area

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

Seeing people who we have trained become confident in their gun handling skills and their ability to make good decisions about concealed carry techniques and issues


Pueblo, CO 81003

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14 Reviews
  • Greg R. Mar 12, 2016
    Rick is a great teacher, highly recommend his concealed carry class.
  • Bryce S. Jan 2, 2016
    Rick was the best instructior I could have ever asked for! He was so thorough with his instruction and took the time to answer all my questions as well as the questions of others. I had never loaded or unloaded a gun before this class and Rick was very patient with me. I would not feel comfortable handeling a gun if it wasn't for Rick's class! I feel very comfortable handling a gun now and would encourage anyone looking for an instructor for a firearms class to contact Rick Sindeband!
  • Chris H. Aug 5, 2015
    If I could give a minus rating, I would have. Class was February 2015, and to this date I have never heard back from him about getting the range time that I paid for with his class. I was NOT impressed at all with him or his class. He seems to have quite a misogynistic attitude. I was there early, prepared for class. I also did register ahead for the class, got there well before the scheduled time, nobody around. I called him, only to find out that he had changed the time of the class, but I was never notified. I find out later there were only 2 other people scheduled for that class, and apparently they were notified of the correct time. I wanted to pay close attention in this class, so sat up front in the small room with all open seats. Two men came in after I did, apparently father & son, and I was asked to move back so they could sit together. WTH??? All open seats in the room, especially the row right behind where I sat, but I was asked to move back so the men could sit in front of me. He seemed a bit rude, quite dismissive and demeaning of anything I said or asked, and a bit short tempered with me. He had a very bullying attitude when I explained I wanted to go with a revolver because of severe degenerative arthritis in my hands and I could not grip well enough to rack a slide on an automatic without pain. He kept insisting I could do it, telling me I only had it in my mind that I could not. Apparently he doesn’t know what degenerative arthritis is or the results of it? Or he wanted to bully a woman and prove his (in his mind) superiority? After much badgering I did manage to rack the gun slide, but did have pain from that for the rest of the day. I paid for a full class, then later wanted to get the 1 hour of range instruction from him that was included in the price. Had trouble with him not calling back to contact me. I finally called again to ask, and he did call back with an excuse that a close friend of his died suddenly. Okay, that I could believe. Said he would "get back to me" on scheduling range time. To this date I have never heard back. I decided after that I wouldn't bother chasing after him for it, he's not worth my time with his lousy attitude. I would never recommend him to any women as an instructor.
    Rick S. Aug 5, 2015

    I apologize for your unhappy experience 6 months ago with my training class. I have trained and mentored many women, including women that went on to become firearms instructors and others that now shoot in competition and have gone on to do some wonderful things in shooting sports. Sometimes there are communication failures in business with scheduling and dates, and although we strive for perfection, it is rarely obtained 100 percent of the time. Two of my close friends and colleagues passed away unexpectedly in that time frame and it did put a strain on my training that month. I have worked with arthritic individuals in the past, and it is a mistruth that revolvers are better for women. There are many cases where shooters in general rarely learn to shoot revolvers well. If you can not operate a slide on a pistol, it's very unlikely you would be able to pull a 8-12 pound trigger on a revolver and hit your target. (you are responsible for every round that leaves your gun). I am offering for you to attend my class again at no charge and would be willing to try to help you to be able to attain the skill level necessary to defend yourself and family. "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." -Aristotle-

  • Lawrence B. Jul 14, 2015
    Firearm Instruction
    Verified Review
    Rick was an excellent instructor who provided necessary training in a hands on environment. I highly recommend his services.
  • Justin B. Mar 18, 2015
    Firearm Instruction
    Verified Review
    Great trainer and full of knowledge I would definitely recommend him as an instructor especially for the price . I will be taking more classes with him in the future!
  • Laura J. Nov 28, 2014
    Firearm Instruction
    Verified Review
    Rick is very professional in dealing with him on the phone and emails, but we have not made a decision yet about a concealed class.
  • Cheryl W. Apr 28, 2014
    Rick is not only very experienced and knowledgeable, he is also easy to work with and learn from. He's very professional, always on time, and teaches because he genuinely wants to help people. I recommend him without reservation!
  • Gina M. Feb 23, 2014
    To whom it may concern: Rick Shineband’s concealed carry course was awesome! He was very informational and informative on not only concealed carry but also on gun safety, protecting yourself when things go wrong but also by personally helping me find a gun that will be just right. He was very patient and willing to work with our schedule. I would highly recommend Rick for anyone who wants to become more educated with guns and or gun safety. Rick also offers a lot of courses that are not about concealed carry that seem to be extremely beneficial! I am personally looking into these classes myself. Again, Rick is truly amazing and is a trained professional in what he does! Please let me know if you have any questions, comments and or concerns. Sincerely, Gina M.
  • David F. Nov 5, 2013
    Firearm Instruction
    Verified Review
    replies promptly which I liked.
  • Tina F. Oct 12, 2013
    Great class! Informative with a comprehensive presentation. Being a novice, I feel more confident in my new found knowledge! Thank You Rick.
  • John M. Oct 9, 2013
    Thank you for the class today. I did not realize how much I needed that. I have been around firearms most of my life and now realize how important classes like yours are. Not only was it very informative, you were able to find our decencies and help correct them in a professional and easy going manner. After the class, as I wrote in my journal it became obvious the importance of proper practice around dedicated professionals. Thank you for your professionalism and respect for the industry. You should be proud of your product and instruction.
  • Paul M. Oct 28, 2012
    My wife and I recently took a concealed carry training class from Rick. We thought that the class was excellent, well tought and informative. Rick obviously is an expert in the subject matter, and passionate about it. Rick took lots of extra time to answer our questions and work with us on basic firearm skills. My wife was especially impressed with what she had learned. We both had carry permits in the state we just moved from, and wish we had recieved training like this before we began carrying there. Thanks!
  • David S. Sep 22, 2012
    Very informative recommend this class to anyone looking to get handgun training
  • D C G. Jul 21, 2012
    Rick is patient and thorough, making sure that everyone understands the concepts. The time he took with us on the range was invaluable. Both a life-long gun enthusiast and a total newbie were greatly impressed by Rick's class and training, and we would recommend this training to anyone interested in learning the key points of handgun safety.


What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?
Just completed the NRA instructors course in Metallic Cartridge Reloading, Shotgun Shell Reloading, Home Firearm Safety and Chief Range Safety Officer. In May I received certification from the NRA for Certified Instructor in Personal Protection Outside the Home.
What types of customers have you worked with?
In our current economic climate, most of my students are interested in protecting their families and businesses. Gun training keeps people safe. Proper handling of firearms by trained individuals makes our homes and workplaces more secure for our families and customers.
Describe a recent project you are fond of. How long did it take?
Recently traveled to Trinidad Colorado and gave a concealed carry class in their community center. Great group of people and a great community center facility