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We provide 24/7 virtual personal and administrative assistant. We work from our own offices therefore you do not have to worry about additional office space or providing them office equipments since we are using our own. You can have a virtual assistant working for you on the other side of the planet. Communications with us are usually done through e-mail, telephone or instant messaging. All files are sent electronically as well. Our most of the virtual assistant services are administrative and secretarial. Having virtual-assistant acting as your secretary can help give you more time and less pressure especially during busy days at work. You can assign them to deal with paperwork and other tasks that would be too consuming for you to handle in regards to your time. We allow companies to operate with lesser expenses in the most professional and efficient way possible. You save a lot in terms of time when you are running out of time and you need to rush a job. It saves you a significant amount of money as well since you only have to pay for the services being performed by the virtual assistant. Getvirtualservices.com support [at] getvirtualservices.com


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      While Running a Business, there are a lot of time consuming tasks that you wish you can do without. This is the reason in these days outsourcing has been a big trend in the business world. The hiring of virtual-assistants and acquiring their services has helped businesses big or small to make significant profit by lessening their expenses and earning at the same time. We work as your online Business Partner & assist you in formulating your own business plan for the support of your business to increase your earning by assisting you an qualified agent. We suggest you a proper business plan to support online.
    Coverage Area for Flex-M, Inc. is about 30+ miles of Miami, FL.