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My name is Grant Hull, and I am a professional luthier. What this means is that I build, repair, and restore guitars and other musical instruments for a living. I have an overwhelming passion for my work, and have been given the gift of working with my hands, mind, and heart. I have been building guitars since the 6th grade, and am truly blessed to do what I love every day as a means of making money.

I build between 5 and 15 guitars per year, and repair hundreds, maybe thousands. I also buy, collect, trade, and sell rare instruments, everything from vintage Martins and Gibsons to upright basses, cellos, and violins. If it’s a musical instrument, I probably have a few dozen or so in my collection.

I work with many universities all over the U.S.A., from places like Lee, Covenant, and UTC to UGA and even into NY. I work with professional and studio musicians all over the world, and love to supply the tools they need to make great music. Instruments are the perfect mixture of art, craftsmanship, love, and implementation. To some, they are simply tools used to make money and music, but to others, instruments are prized works of workmanship. I am lucky enough to work with clients who share both opinions.

Feel free to call, or email me anytime with questions or inquires about my services, or if you would just like to stop by one of my shops and check out first hand exactly what I do. I can help you discover true love in wood.

- Grant Hull


Ringgold, GA 30736


5 Reviews
  • Michael M. Dec 5, 2013
    I'm the proud owner of the surf green tele Grant made a couple of years ago. After receiving it, a few adjustments had to be made and Grant helped me take care of these items locally. Since that time, I find myself more and more enamored with this guitar. It plays beautifully, stays in tune, and looks amazing. The fact that I find myself playing it more than some of my custom shop guitars speaks volumes. I've waited several years to write this review, thinking that I might fall out of love, but it's high time to convey what a great guitar this turned out to be. The craftsmanship is top-notch, it's easy to play, the color scheme is ridiculously cool, and I consider this to be one of the better guitar purchases I've ever made. Here's hoping Grant keeps turning out such high quality gear and making customers happy.
  • Craig C. Mar 5, 2012
    I recently had an electric guitar setup by another local, respected shop. After a couple weeks I got it back, but it wasn't great due to its "limitations" with the neck and body, I was told. Months later I happened to show it to Grant while visiting his shop. Within minutes, and without my prodding, he took it apart, diagnosed the problem, and reassembled it with a most excellent setup. From acoustic and electric guitars to cello to mandolin, he has helped and continues to help me tremendously with each. His skill level is high, his rates are fair (or better), he always has time for me, and he often contacts ME if he has an item which he thinks I'd be interested in. How's that for customer service? His enthusiasm alone is infectious and worth your consideration. And more than once I have trusted him to make the right choice for me, whether it is a repair or a purchase. Grant's a pleasure to work with both on a personal and a professional level. He truly loves what he does and it shows. Do yourself a favor and check out this guy.
  • Terry A. Feb 13, 2012
    It is sometimes quite difficult to locate an honest trustworthy Luthier, I was lucky enough to find gifted person working at a guitar store that I frequented, That being said, It is also so tremendous to locate a person that you would leave your cherished musical instruments with, I know this because of pervious dealings with other luthier's that had not been honest and proven themselves to ne rip-off’s, they sugar coated what the work they done for me and lied quite a bit. Right away I could tell that Grant was honest and sincere, I felt at ease for the first time in years to leave my guitars behind for repairs , set ups and at times fresh ideas offered by Grant in reference to upgrades , such as different pick-ups, different set ups. This man is truly a genius when it comes to building, working with and or restoring musical equipment. He is friendly, honest and trust worthy. Grant has done set ups for all my musical instruments, each time I left feeling like I had gotten more than I asked for ( he definitely goes the extra mile for his customers) but that this man probably needed to paid extra for the time care and patience he exhibited towards me. If you would like your musical instrument set up correctly and would like to be able to trust that once you are gone from his shop you guitar (or whatever you play musically) will be well taken care of and set just as you have requested, not only this but communication back to you if he should find an issue with one of your pieces of equipment, Then this is the man you want to work on your prized possessions. I highly recommend him. Give him call and check his knowledge for yourself, To me there is only one Luither in Chattanooga area and that’s Grant. Please give him a try so that you can become as much as a satisfied customer as I am. IF YOU WANT THE JOB DONE AND DONE CORRECTLY AS WELL AS A STRAIGHT LINE OF COMMUNICATION, GRANT HULL IS THE MAN!!!
  • Jeff M. Feb 10, 2012
    Occasionally you come across an individual who is knowledgeable, talented, imaginative, and trustworthy. In dealing with Grant, who has worked on my guitars, mandolins, and fiddles; I have concluded that he is worthy of the above description. I highly recommend Grant Hull.
  • Brian B. Feb 10, 2012
    Greetings! I am a local professional musician and guitar instructor in the Chattanooga area. Grant has been an incredible asset to me through the years. His knowledge as a luthier, understanding of instruments, wood expertise, and diverse (but sound/practical) concepts has been truly amazing..... as I have had the pleasure of watching some of his work. He takes very seriously each new customer, project, case or job that comes his way. Currently, he is building a custom lap steel for me that is going to be a true work of art! He does not rush his work, but gets things done in a thought out, timely manner. If you need an instrument refinished, repaired, appraised, identified, enhanced, customized, or built from the ground up....look no further. He's your guy! His shop has awesome equipment and I can honestly say "he is a true liaison in the musical instrument world"! He comes HIGHLY recommended!


What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
I understand that your instrument is a prized part of your life, and you expect it to be taken well care of while it is in a repairman's hands. You MUST MAKE SURE that the instrument professional you choose, not only has the know how and expertise to perform the tasks required, but also the tech needs to have the mental capacity, patience, and lifestyle to maintain a reputable repair service to you and your prized instrument.