Survey: 82% of homes definitely need a spring cleaning.


By David Steckel

With the first hint of spring sunshine comes the universal desire to refresh our spaces — wiping away winter’s muddy footprints and scrubbing windows until they’re sparkling clean. We recently surveyed 1,000 Americans to find out how consumers feel about spring cleaning, how they’re tackling the season, and more. What we found: 82% told us their homes definitely need a spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning survey results.

While nearly everyone (73%) agrees spring cleaning is a necessity, checking chores off the list doesn’t always spark joy. The average person spends 5-10 hours on spring cleaning over the course of 4-5 days — which can feel extremely daunting on top of a regular routine and workload. This stress is only compounded by pressure from friends and family — with 28% of respondents admitting they’re apt to think negatively about a friend or neighbor who doesn’t spring clean.

spring cleaning survey graphic 73% consider spring cleaning a necessitySo it’s no surprise that a whopping 76% of people said they’d give up something they love — such as alcohol, desserts, or even a vacation day — if it meant they could avoid the annual ritual of spring cleaning. And nearly half of Americans (49%) would pay $250+ to hire someone to do it for them.

Thumbtack pro and owner of Candice Cleaners, Abigail Fuller, says that the key to making spring cleaning manageable is regular home care and maintenance. “Putting off your cleaning will result in a larger, more time-consuming cleaning,” she says. “Signing up for a cleaning subscription or package will keep your home clean all year round — at the end of the day, the best spring cleaning is when you only need a light spring cleaning.”

survey graphic: 76% of americans would give up something they love to avoid spring cleaningAnd while it can be tempting to cut corners — 72% of our respondents have at least one cleaning “hack” to make spring cleaning easier — Abigail says there are no shortcuts if you really want a deep clean. “I’ve noticed that most people neglect small things like their baseboards, but checking details like that off your list makes a huge difference,” she says.

spring cleaning survey graphic: 72% of Americans have at least one spring cleaning hack to make spring cleaning easier

Spring cleaning tips.

To help ease the stress, and help homeowners tackle those tedious tasks, we’ve created a Spring Cleaning Checklist with all of the projects homeowners should complete for a fresh and clean home. Whether you take them on yourself or hire a pro to do the job quickly, our recommendations will ensure your home gets the care it needs to stay in tip-top shape for seasons to come:

  • Spring house cleaning (Hire a pro/DIY): With allergens in full bloom, a clean home can help you (literally) breathe easier. Regular cleaning helps control allergies caused by indoor irritants. Hiring a pro can relieve some stress and allow you to enjoy your home, worry-free.
  • Window cleaning (Hire a pro): Windows are an investment, and replacing them is expensive. Professional cleaning prolongs the life of your windows by removing abrasive grime. Pros can also help you spot (and resolve) potential issues — like wood rot, dings in the glass, mineral deposits, or persistent stains. Hiring a pro is especially important for two-story homes (to avoid accidents). 
  • Home organizing (Hire a pro/DIY): Spring is a great time to clean out kitchen and bathroom cabinets and get rid of expired food, cosmetics, and medicine. If organizing is a challenge, a pro can help prioritize, declutter, and make the best use of your space.
  • Carpet cleaning (Hire a pro): Annual cleaning keeps your carpets in good shape, and most warranties require it. During winter and spring, wetness is often tracked into the house, welcoming mold, salt, and bacteria which can discolor your carpets and affect your home’s air quality.
  • Appliance cleaning (Hire a pro/DIY): Have your appliances cleaned to make sure they're in top shape, clean the condenser coils behind your fridge, and clean your clothes washer for mold. Even though your stove/oven may be self-cleaning, it can accumulate leftover grease/food and should be cleaned thoroughly to avoid harmful pathogens.
  • Paint touch-ups (DIY): Paint touch-ups help maintain the appearance and value of your home. Over time, walls and trim get scuffed, scratched, or faded due to regular wear and tear. Touching up these areas will keep them looking fresh.

No matter how much (or little) enthusiasm you have for the tasks at hand, we’re here to help. Thinking ahead about what to do yourself and when to call in the pros makes spring cleaning a breeze — and helps avoid the conflict that 20% of respondents told us they experience with their partners over spring cleaning. 

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spring cleaning survey graphic: 93% of Americans reward themselves for completing their spring cleaningWhen you’re done? Make sure to treat yourself for proactively caring for your home. You’ll be in good company, as a striking 93% of Americans reward themselves for completing their spring cleaning — with a celebratory dinner out or, most commonly, a well-deserved nap.

Not sure where to start? Download the Thumbtack app to get a personalized Spring Cleaning Checklist or visit our Spring Cleaning hub to get $50 off your first cleaning project.

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*Spring Cleaning Survey Methodology: This sample of 1000 US adults (aged 18-­65) was surveyed on February 16 and 17, 2023. DKC Analytics conducted and analyzed this survey with a sample procured using the Pollfish survey delivery platform. Sampling was calibrated to accurately reflect US population density by generational cohort. No post-­stratification has been applied to the results.

Editor’s Note: “Americans,” “respondents,” and “people” called out within this blog refer to those surveyed in Thumbtack’s ‘Spring Cleaning Survey.’ 

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