Why is my dryer squeaking?


Written by Jordana Weiss

Are you noticing a persistent noise every time you try to run your dryer? If so, you're not alone. “Why does my dryer squeak?” is a question appliance pros hear regularly.

There are a few reasons why your dryer may be squeaking. Usually, this indicates that a part has worn out, your dryer needs to be cleaned or your dryer has become unbalanced. There may also be other issues at play that are challenging for the average homeowner to fix on their own.

In this article, we break down some of the more likely reasons why your dryer is squeaking and what types of repairs may be needed.

1. Your dryer isn’t level.

Ideally, your dryer should be installed completely level on a flat surface. However, it’s not uncommon for your dryer to eventually settle so it's no longer level. In this situation, it may wobble and squeak until it’s leveled again.

To fix this issue, you can use a level tool to check the placement of your dryer. If it’s not evenly level, adjust the dryer legs until it is.

This is usually a quick DIY fix, but you may have to call a pro if you can’t get the placement right or if it’s too heavy to manage on your own.

2. Your dryer needs to be cleaned.

Cleaning your dryer can help mitigate any squeaking or squealing noises that are occurring because of lint or debris build-up. Check the lint trap and clean it out thoroughly. Then, clean around the door and anywhere else you can reach. 

If the dryer continues to make noise, you may need to call a pro to remove the back panel and clean the dryer's interior.

3. Belts or pulleys inside your dryer need to be replaced.

Your dryer is a complex machine that relies on a variety of belts and pulleys to power the motor. If one of these pieces wears out, it can create an unpleasant noise until it is replaced.

Unless you’re a serious DIY enthusiast, we don’t recommend attempting this yourself. You could void your warranty or damage the dryer even further.

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4. Your dryer’s drum bearings need to be replaced or lubricated.

The drum inside your dryer spins with the help of bearings, which can either wear out or lose their lubrication over time. This can cause an unpleasant noise, typically originating from the back of your dryer. This is another fix best left to the pros.

5. Your dryer’s motor is worn out.

Once your dryer has reached the end of its useful life, one of the first things to give out is the motor. If your dryer’s motor is on its last legs, it could make a squeaking noise that indicates it’s no longer working as it should.

professional can help diagnose this issue and provide a fix or recommend a new dryer. 

How to fix a squeaky dryer.

Typically, fixing your dryer when it’s making unusual noises starts by answering the question, "Why is my dryer squeaking?" By determining the source of the noise, you can figure out the best way to get it fixed. S

tart with these two steps:

  1. First, give your dryer a thorough cleaning. By removing excess lint buildup, you can rule that out as a cause.
  2. If your dryer is still squeaking, check it quickly with a level to see whether it has become unbalanced. If your dryer is no longer level, you can try adjusting the dryer legs yourself.

If neither of those actions fixes the problem, you should call in an appliance service specialist.

How much does it cost to fix a squeaky dryer?

There are lots of factors that influence how much it costs to have your squeaky dryer repaired. Typically, you can expect to pay a fixed rate for a service call. From there, the cost will depend on how long the fix takes and whether any special equipment or replacement parts are required.

To save money, try to solve the issue by cleaning your dryer and checking that it’s level on your own first. If the squeak persists, call in the pros.

To ensure you’re getting the best deal possible, reach out to a few appliance service specialists in your area and compare their quotes. 

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Is it safe to use a squeaky dryer?

It’s not a good idea to use a squeaky dryer until you’ve determined the cause of the issue. Continuing to use it could exacerbate the problem and make the eventual fix both more difficult and more costly.

How do you lubricate dryer bearings?

If your dryer bearings require lubrication, that’s another common cause of dryer squeaking. Most manufacturers don’t recommend lubricating dryer bearings yourself, so hire an appliance pro to help you with this essential maintenance task.

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