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Boise, ID

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Since 1979, Mobile Pet Medical Care has been giving quality veterinary care to Boise, Idaho residents. The clinic is unique in that we provide house calls for dogs and cats.

The mobile veterinary hospital is equipped to provide all the care you may need, whether you just need your pets yearly check-up and shots, or you have a surgery that needs to be done.

Emergency vet work is provided as well. For a list of all of our services, look at our website.


Boise, ID 83713


2 Reviews
  • Lori N. Aug 10, 2014
    I moved from California to Garden City, Idaho a few weeks ago. A couple of months before moving here, my Labrador Retriever tore the ligiments in both of his back legs. My dog needed his nails cut and I called Mobile Pet Medical Care to come to my house. I could have taken him to a groomer but I wanted the vet to cut his nails without hurting his legs or hurting him. So Dr. David Ormond came to my house and checked my dog and cut his nails. My dog has allergies, alot of them. This doctor has never seen my dog before and gave me a large bottle of Tramadol. I have never had a vet give any of my dogs or cats a large bottle of pain killers before. Then he gave me the bill, it was $ 25.00 for the office visit, and $63.00 for the exam, and $35.00 for the nail trim, and $140.00 for the medication. It came out to $271.40. I am a senior citizen and am on a fixed income. I need to find a new vet.
  • Kathy R. Jun 1, 2012
    No Stars for this guy. What a rip off. He was in the RV Park and I asked if he clipped nails he said it would be $25.00. OK well he drove 50 feet, charge for a Office visit $75.00 then looked at the dogs eyes and chareged $63.00 for the examnie and $133.00 for medications. Our $25.00 nail clip was a total $253.98. He was not even with our dog more than 2 minutes. Won't make that mistake again.

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