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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
5 Steps to Asphalt Repair
  1. 1. Understand the nature of damage

    Cracks are narrow tears in the asphalt that are easy to remedy with immediate action using a crack-filler. Sinkholes are areas where the asphalt undulates, usually because of poor foundations.

  2. 2. Employ a professional

    For small gaps and tears, your contractor uses crack filler, piped in with a caulking gun. For potholes and large cracks, your contractor uses cold patch filler on top of a base of sand and gravel.

  3. 3. Wait for the right weather

    Hot, dry weather is essential. Warm temperatures are necessary when using any kind of sealer, as it helps to create a strong bond.

  4. 4. Clean the driveway

    Before your contractor arrives, remove dirt and debris from the damaged area with a stiff brush. If necessary, wash the area with water, leaving enough time for it to dry.

  5. 5. Seal the driveway

    After your contractor has patched the cracks or holes, he or she must apply a sealer. This improves the bond between the existing asphalt and patching material. Request at least two coats.

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