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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
6 Steps for Hanging a Ceiling Fan
  1. 1. Get measurements

    As your contractor to measure the height of your ceiling, and choose a fan accordingly. High ceilings require an extension rod so that they hang lower on the ceiling for optimal cooling.

  2. 2. Keep things to scale

    Choose a fan size that correlates with the size of the room in which it hangs. Larger rooms require larger fans that are over 50 inches. Smaller rooms can accommodate fans up to 36 inches.

  3. 3. Be selective about rooms

    Don't place ceilings fans in rooms where you do not spend a lot of time. Instead, have them installed in living rooms and bedrooms.

  4. 4. Select your controls

    Try to keep your fan on a different circuit from your lighting so you can use both separately. If you choose a wired switch, you'll also need to hire an electrician to install the wiring.

  5. 5. Choose the right size

    Consider how many blades you want your ceiling fan to have. Generally, the more blades there are, the higher the cost.

  6. 6. Keep things running smoothly

    Look for a ceiling fan that contains sealed bearings on its motor that do not need lubrication. These types of fans are generally very quiet and less likely to wobble.

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