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How much does ceiling fan installation cost?

The easiest way to install a new ceiling fan or replace an outdated one is with the help of an electrician or handy people. Popular ceiling fan styles include standard indoor, low-profile (also called "hugger"), outdoor and commercial. They can be operated by remote control, wall switch or pull string. No ceiling is too high or too low (mostly) for a ceiling fan. Several factors affect the cost of installation.

Flat Rate

Barring damaged wiring or installation obstructions, many professionals charge a flat rate for ceiling fan installation because most can accurately predict the time and labor required for the task. Electricians generally charge more than handy people. Electricians have special licensing requirements in each state and must receive formal training prior to the test. They must also meet continuing education requirements after becoming licensed. Because of their expertise, electricians are generally the better choice for installations that require extensive rewiring or advanced electrical work. Crab Handyman in Irving, Texas, charges $75 for ceiling fan installation. Correct Electric in Fredericksburg, Virginia, charges $125 for ceiling fan installation and $275 for roof exhaust fans.

Hourly Rate

Some professionals charge by the hour for ceiling fan installation. The total cost, in this case, includes labor plus materials. Handyman hourly rates range from $30 to $100 per hour, depending on the geographic location and skill set of the worker. Electricians’ hourly rates are higher because of their expertise, with hourly rates averaging $65–$150. Here are hourly rates from a handyman and two electricians:

  • Handyman services from Vern’s Residential Repair in Overland Park, Kansas: $40 per hour

  • Electrician services from Alpha Electric and More in Fremont, California: $75 per hour

  • Junior Electric in Folsom, Pennsylvania: $95 per hour

    • $135 for the first hour if the job requires troubleshooting to diagnose a problem and $95 each additional hour.


Fans cost anywhere from $50 to $1,000—although really upscale brands can cost more than $5,000 at nationwide home improvement stores, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to how the price of materials can affect installation costs. Customers buy the fan and required wiring themselves, or the electrician or handyman can supply the required materials and roll the cost into the final bill.

Bundling services

Customers can save money by having a professional install multiple fans at one time. Bundling maximizes the pro’s time, and the pro can provide services at a reduced rate because their work is consolidated. For example, Professional Home Services in Las Vegas, Nevada, charges $69 to install a single ceiling, $129 for two ceiling fans ($64.50 per fan) and $159 for three ceiling fans ($53.30 per fan).

Minimum service fee

Some professionals charge a minimum service fee to help cover their operating costs, regardless of how long a job takes. Many pros calculate this fee to balance out the cost of fuel in arriving at the job site, the truck to drive there, the expert labor of the worker and more. Ingram Construction LLC in Washington, D.C., charges a minimum service fee of $75, which includes one hour of labor.

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