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Jan 23

Perfect install and early to the appt. I highly recommend Bruce for any handyman work.…


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I needed a microwave installed and KD services was incredible impressive. responded right…


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Jan 9

Great job installing our microwave, showed up exactly when promised and did a…


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Jan 1

Corey was great. He was very careful, thoughtful, and considerate about the work. He was…


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Dec 9

Tim did an excellent job with my over the stove microwave installation! He made every…


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Dec 4

Would use again in a heartbeat. Affordable. Thorough and very friendly professional!


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Nov 13

Very nice gentlemen who does great work for a great value and explains what is going on…


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Oct 4

Carlos did an amazing job installed new over the range microwave in less than 30 min. He…


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Sep 8

Kevin did a fast and stellar job installing my under cabinet microwave. I'm always…


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How much does appliance installation cost?

The national average cost to install a new appliance is $162. However, before you start reaching for your wallet and praising the gods of inexpensive home repair work, there are a few things to keep in mind. What kind of appliance are you installing? Are you looking to install a simple stove cooktop or a double wall oven?

The cost of installation for a stove cooktop or double oven is on the cheaper side. Small, easy-to-install appliances, like a slide-in electric range, might cost even less. But installation for complicated appliances that require additional electrical, plumbing or gas work — like a brand-new dishwasher — may cost more. Before you hire a contractor to help you with your installation, get an estimate on how much this job will cost you.

What affects the cost of appliance installation?

The type of appliance, make and model, additional parts, and whether you need electricity and plumbing work can all impact the total cost to install an appliance in your home.

Type of appliance

While the average installation cost is about $162 nationwide, the exact installation cost varies tremendously based on your appliance. Installation for larger appliances tends to cost more, as do the installation of appliances that need to be hooked up to gas or water lines. Here are some more specific national average expenses:

  • Installation of gas cooktop or stove: $105–$122
  • Installation of freestanding or slide-in gas or electric range: $75–$125
  • Installation of professional-grade oven (gas or electric): $175
  • Installation of professional-grade double or single wall oven (gas or electric): $150–$250
  • Installation of a refrigerator (basic): $85–$125
  • Installation of a column-unit refrigerator: $200
  • Installation of 42- to 48-inch built-in refrigerator: $150–$300
  • Installation of a standard dishwasher: $65–$125
  • Installation of a fully integrated dishwasher with hidden controls: $165
  • Installation of a front-loading washer: $125–$150
  • Installation of a gas dryer: $85–$150
  • Installation of stackable washer and dryer: $150

Typically, a contractor at an appliance installation company will provide potential customers with a flat quote for installation. Sandman Appliance Installations owner David Gervais, for instance, provides a set rate with his customers, but he also has a "modification charge" if complications arise during the installation (such as additional electrical work or installation of a gas line).

Several other factors can affect the cost of your appliance installation, too.

Make and model

Not all brands are made the same way — so the appliance installation cost may vary depending on which make or model you choose. (Pro tip: Make sure they know this information in advance!) A professional installer may charge a little more for the work to install an unfamiliar brand, especially if it uses uncommon or complicated hook-ups to plumbing or natural gas lines.

Your appliance installation specialist may provide a set price for a popular company or brand, such as Wolf, Sub-Zero, Viking, and Meile. As a bonus, many of these brands have certification courses, so you can be sure your contractor knows how to install them.

Additional parts

Unfortunately, not every appliance comes with everything you need and additional parts can raise costs.

For example, if you're putting in an over-the-range microwave in your current kitchen cabinet set-up, you might need cabinet trim. A cabinet trim kit can cost between $100 and $200, and you shouldn't skimp on the cabinet trim kit. Cabinets are usually the focal point of a kitchen. In order to make your microwave oven look like it is built into the cabinets, a trim kit is a must. Same goes for dishwashers, which may need insulation to fit properly into your base cabinet setup.

Another example is washer and dryer installation. Your new washer and dryer might need ducting, which runs between $10 and $30. While your appliance installation specialist will be happy to provide these parts for you, doing so will cost money. The exact amount is highly dependent on the type of appliance you're installing and how it's being installed, so talk to your installation company.

Unique circumstances

Sometimes, installing a new appliance is as simple as sliding a new gas oven into the spot your previous gas oven occupied. Other times, it's more complicated — especially if you pull out the old oven and stove to find the flooring or baseboards destroyed, if extensive electrical work needs to be done, or if a new gas line needs to be installed.

Making these basic repairs can increase the cost of your repair. However, just like Gervais, many professional appliance installation specialists will state their hourly labor cost upfront so you can properly estimate the exact expense.

What additional electricity, gas, and plumbing work is involved?

Appliances don't exist in a vacuum. While some appliances require only a basic wall hook-up, like a built-in microwave, many appliances need more complicated connections and require more work, like a dryer or double oven.

Is your appliance (stove/oven/dryer) gas or electric? There may be some electrical work that needs to be done, or a gas line may need to be installed if your appliance uses natural gas as its energy source – both of which can affect the cost.

Here's what to consider when you're determining the cost:

Are you switching from electric to natural gas (or vice versa)?

The cost of your stove and oven installation just got more expensive. The electrical work required to install a new outlet can cost between $120 and $200, and your local natural gas company might charge between $200 and $2,000 to run a new natural gas line to your oven. That new gas line can really increase the cost of your stove and oven installation.

New addition or replacement?

Having an oven or another appliance installed or replaced can be as easy as sliding it into place. It can also be a difficult procedure that involves electrical, carpentry, vents, and specialty installation by an appliance installation professional. Cooking appliances, such as stoves and wall ovens, that use natural gas may also need additional work to run an energy source.

Generally, a direct replacement wall oven, dishwasher, dryer, or refrigerator is going to be cheaper to install than a new addition. This is because existing appliances already have the designated space, supports, electrical, and/or gas lines available. The further away from gas lines or power lines, the more a professional installer will charge to install your appliance.

Whether you're replacing an old wall oven or adding a new double oven, be sure to keep this in mind when totaling up the cost of installation.

How old were your old appliances?

Cynthia Roman, the owner of Roman Appliance Installation, says new appliances have significantly more complicated electrical control panels than older versions. If your old appliance was really old, you may need to run more electricity to the location or add a new electrical outlet.

Additionally, there may be an extra charge for removing your old oven or dryer. A professional installer will be able to give you an accurate quote prior to installation.

Do you need to run water?

If you didn't have a dishwasher before, you lack a garbage disposal or your new refrigerator has an ice maker, a licensed plumber may need to run water lines. Basic plumbing costs between $130 and $150.

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