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5 Common A/C Fixes for Pros
  1. 1. Dirty coils

    Letting your A/C unit's filters and coils go too long without a cleaning can stress the machine. If your unit isn't cooling properly, your tech may need to fix or replace these components.

  2. 2. Sensor failure

    Portable air conditioners usually feature sensors that measure ambient air so they can adjust their output accordingly. A/C repair techs can diagnose if this sensor is working properly.

  3. 3. Leaking coolant

    If A/C coolant leaks, the solution isn't as simple as refilling the reservoir; you need to have a pro repair the leak to keep the unit running properly.

  4. 4. Connection failure

    Your A/C unit has plenty of electrical connections inside, and if you notice it starts to turn off frequently, it's time to make a service call so an expert can determine what needs replacing.

  5. 5. It won't turn on

    It's likely that an expert may need to replace a fuse in the appliance, but he or she may run a few more diagnostic tests to determine the ultimate cause of the problem.

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