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5 Concrete Fixes for a Pro
  1. 1. Foundation leveling

    Telltale signs of a foundation problem are cracked walls, doors that no longer close and floors that have developed hilly slopes. Call a professional concrete technician who can diagnose the problem.

  2. 2. Large driveway cracks

    Cracks large enough to cause tripping, bulges that have lifted the concrete and areas adjacent to your drive that have shifted are signs there is a concrete problem that requires a pro.

  3. 3. Preparing to sell your home

    A home inspector will likely require a professional to repair any cracks in drives, sinks or lifts in sidewalks or unsightly issues with garage floors and steps. Get ahead of the game by hiring a pro.

  4. 4. Deck of your pool is cracked

    Concrete around pools is particularly susceptible to cracking because it's almost constantly exposed to water. These cracks cause a safety hazard and deplete the value of your home.

  5. 5. Basement moisture

    More often than not, foundation cracks are the cause of this problem that can weaken your home's structure over time. You may notice condensation, puddles or extra humidity at first.

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