Your guide to concrete installation

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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
7 Steps to Hiring a Concrete Contractor
  1. 1. Cost calculations

    Determine the square footage of the area that you need concrete installation. Compare that to the industry cost of concrete bags and create a ballpark budget enough to complete the project.

  2. 2. Finishing options

    Choose your preferred finishing that will match the style of your house. You can opt for textured, patterned, stamped, rock salt, or smooth towel depending on your preference and budget.

  3. 3. Choosing a contractor

    Ensure you choose a company that specializes in the type of style that you want.

  4. 4. References

    Read through reviews to establish the capacity of a given contractor. If possible, schedule a tour to some of the contractor's completed projects.

  5. 5. Experience

    Insurance and licensing are essential considerations, but work experience helps to ascertain a contractor's competence to deliver on their promises.

  6. 6. Equipment

    Choose a company that uses some of the latest equipment and techniques to execute your project.

  7. 7. Plan and execute

    After identifying the right concrete work contractor, meet your contractor to discuss how they will carry out the project.

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