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Planning ahead

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7 Fixes for a Printer and Copier Pro
  1. 1. Paper jams

    If you make copies or print documents and nothing emerges from the machine, there is a jam. Have a repair pro determine if a foreign object or component of the machine is the cause.

  2. 2. Lines on paper

    If you find lines on your copies even after you have cleaned the glass, there may be a problem with the imaging unit malfunctioning. This requires skilled assessment from a professional.

  3. 3. Poor colors

    Sometimes, color images just do not look their best. If you have new toner or ink cartridges and the issue persists, have a repair professional take a look at the drum and the machine's settings.

  4. 4. Spotty pages

    Sometimes debris can cause spots to appear on copies. If you have cleaned the glass and they remain, there may be a problem with the drum inside the copier. Let a pro take a look.

  5. 5. Void areas

    Sometimes, instead of the colors showing improperly, there may be areas on pages that are completely devoid of ink or toner. A repair pro can clean and repair the wiring issues that cause this.

  6. 6. Strange noises

    You are probably pretty familiar with the typical sounds your machines make, but whining, whistling and snapping are cause for concern. Bring in a repair tech to get things running smoothly again.

  7. 7. Weird smells

    Freshly printed or copied pages have a signature toner or ink scent, but if things start smelling burnt or smoky, it is time to call in a repair pro to diagnose and handle the situation.

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Pro Tip

Pro Tip

Check if using third-party ink or toner might void your warranty.

Pro Tip

Pro Tip

Keep up with regular maintenance to avoid costly repairs later.

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