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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
7 Steps to Hiring a Family Law Attorney
  1. 1. Think about it thoroughly

    Determine exactly why you need an attorney. Cases that include divorce, adoption, legal separation, child custody or a prenuptial agreement generally work with a family law attorney.

  2. 2. Consider your court venue

    Normally, a court case is filed within the county where both parties are living. Choosing an attorney who works within that county ensures that he or she will be familiar with the court system.

  3. 3. Check the background

    Research the attorney you are thinking of choosing. A simple online search may give you an idea of the attorney’s standing and influence in your area.

  4. 4. Narrow the choices

    Choose two or three attorneys and ask about phone consultations. Some attorneys will offer free phone consultations or even free office consultations.

  5. 5. Ask for specifics

    Determine what information is required for your particular case. Get organized so that any meeting with an attorney utilizes your time well.

  6. 6. Ask questions

    Do this to determine which lawyer suits you best. Determine what the cost of handling your case will be, and ask about specific outcomes.

  7. 7. Come prepared

    Bring a list of questions that are important to your case. Being prepared with questions helps you to determine whether or not the attorney is prepared with answers.

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