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5 Reasons for New Furnace Installation
  1. 1. Money savings

    New furnaces carry a higher energy-efficiency rating. Most likely, your contractor will suggest a furnace with a good Energy Star rating, which means the power used for its operation is minimized.

  2. 2. Ease of use

    New energy-efficient furnaces come equipped with a programmable thermostat. This gives you the ability to adjust the temperature as you see fit for complete comfort any time of day or night.

  3. 3. Peace and quiet

    Unlike older model furnaces, the new energy-efficient furnaces operate quietly. When noises are made by the new furnace, your HVAC installation contractor knows how to repair this.

  4. 4. Tax benefits

    You gain home improvement and tax credits with new energy efficient furnace systems. Your HVAC contractor also has any information on savings and rebates that may be offered through the manufacturer.

  5. 5. Greater home value

    You can see as much as a 40 percent increase in your home’s value when the inspections and installation are complete.

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