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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
7 Steps to Hiring an Immigration Lawyer
  1. 1. Be careful

    Be wary of any attorney who approaches you at an immigration-related government agency. These attorneys are often willing to resort to unethical behaviors to make a few dollars.

  2. 2. Stay sharp

    Also be aware of attorneys who make unrealistic promises. No attorney can guarantee a positive outcome, but he or she should still do whatever it takes to help you reach one.

  3. 3. Talk to more than one attorney

    Find out who best understands your case and current immigration laws, as well as who you feel will give you the most respect, even if you are not one of the firm's biggest clients.

  4. 4. Do some research online

    Take some time to check out the American Immigration Lawyers' Association website, as well as your state bar association's website.

  5. 5. Look into the attorney's fees

    Find out if the attorney charges by the hour or uses a flat rate. Find out if there will be additional fees.

  6. 6. Check the attorney's background

    Make sure he or she is in good standing with the state bar and has not been involved in any sort of disciplinary action.

  7. 7. Be clear

    It might be a smart idea to hire an interpreter to work with your attorney if you have any language barriers or don't have a strong grasp yet on English.

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