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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
5 Reasons to Hire a Patent Attorney
  1. 1. Document prep

    Your attorney prepares all documents to have your products or inventions registered through the U.S. Patent Office. The office then provides a registration number and credits you for its invention.

  2. 2. Thorough research

    Patent attorneys conduct research on your invention to make sure there are no other identical products. Their services include name, function and purpose searches that span across the globe.

  3. 3. Differentiation

    When you locate products that have very similar characteristics that make it hard to differentiate products from yours, consulting with your patent attorney helps to get the problem resolved.

  4. 4. Legal knowledge

    Your patent attorney has the legal knowledge to assist with the marketing of your patented product. This expertise gives him or her the ability to provide you with marketing advice.

  5. 5. Advising for deals

    When you are offered buy-out deals for your product, your attorney works to determine the best course of action. These legal experts negotiate sales terms on your behalf with the potential buyer.

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