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Planning ahead

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6 Reasons to Hire a Russian Translator
  1. 1. Effective communication

    Hiring a Russian translator can help when reaching out to native speakers and readers of the Russian language, allowing your business to shine in the best possible light.

  2. 2. No character confusion

    In spoken Russian, one symbol or character can have more than one pronunciation as well as more than one meaning. This can complicate the translation process.

  3. 3. Proper word order

    Sentence structure in Russian is different because it is flexible. In Russian, changing the order of words does not change the meaning of a sentence, but it does affect the level of formality.

  4. 4. No misgendering

    In Russian, verbs have gender when used in the past tense, but not the present or future tenses, and nouns can be stated in ways that show varying states of animation.

  5. 5. Higher levels of accuracy

    Translation software alone is not enough to ensure an adequate translation. If feedback on spoken or written text is received in Russian, a pro can immediately provide an accurate translation.

  6. 6. Lower risks

    While the core job of a translator is to translate, a good translator can also point out if something being translated is likely to be offensive.

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