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Online Divorce Mediation (ODM) was created by an experienced family law attorney who was tired of seeing families torn apart, both emotionally and financially, by the contested and insanely expensive divorce process. His goal was to make getting a divorce more dignified, yet do so in a quick, simple, and inexpensive manner. At the same time, he wanted to focus on preventing a permanent wedge from developing between spouses to the detriment of their children, which frequently occurs in a contested divorce setting. ODM's fresh approach to divorce and innovative style, mixed with state-of-the-art technology, will assist in preserving and enhancing your family unit, with an emphasis on the best interests and needs of your children. All of ODM's mediators are certified in divorce mediation. They are highly skilled and thorough divorce attorneys who are able to negotiate family law matters, including divorce, paternity, child support, child custody, alimony, the division of assets and liabilities, and other family-related matters in usually ten (10) hours or less for a cost of $999 per spouse. This includes three (3) hours of mediation time with the parties, plus the time it takes to prepare a comprehensive divorce agreement, a petition for divorce filing, and the parties' respective financial statements.




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