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We ensure a high-quality of work and professionalism from the beginning to the end of all our projects. We offer many services such as paving, grading, seal coating and much more. We are located in Belleville Mich. We look forward to hearing from you, and possibly your project thanks from GMS. Properly maintained and well constructed pavement has a life-expectancy of 25-30 years. Improperly maintained, pavement can begin to fail within 12 months after installation. The economical benefits are only part of the reason to stay on top of your pavement maintenance program. Removal and Replacement Re-construction: Better than starting over. If your existing asphalt has passed its useful life, we can pave the way to a bright future. One option is removal and replacement, to remove and dispose of the existing asphalt. After disposal, we re-grade the existing base materials and install and compact hew asphalt to your desired thickness. As an alternate, we could Pulverize the existing asphalt material, giving us strong material to re-grade and compact for a better-than-new paving base. With the old material graded for drainage and then compacted, the new asphalt we install will be strong and ready for the future. Overlay and Resurfacing Asphalt overlayment and resurfacing is another repair option. Asphalt overlays are like a face lift a economical way to present a "like new" look to your public while extending the life of your base asphalt. The areas to be paved are swept clean of dirt and debris, and in some cases a material called Petromat is needed to help repair the area properly. Petromat is a brand of geotextile, or road fabric, and a single layer of Petromat provides the strength of an entire inch of asphalt. In those cases requiring Petromat, SS1 tac oil is sprayed down on the pavement, and the fabric is then rolled out over it, creating a moisture barrier. If Petromat is not required, a SS1 tack coat is sprayed out in much the same fashion. In either case, the asphalt mix is then put down in the proper thickness and compacted. Patching Small problem areas patched in time can improve the appearance and safety of your property. Ignored, they only get bigger, more dangerous, and costly to repair. Patching can be completed in two forms; surface or removal and replacement. Surface patching adds a new layer of asphalt to low, puddling areas, and raises the grade to match the surrounding areas. In removal and replacement patching, we jack hammer or saw cut, remove, and dispose of the damaged asphalt. We then repair the area with new asphalt to match the existing grade. During this process, we check the underlying sub-grade to look for any damage that may be causing the surface problems. if so we remove eroded base rock and add new. Our patching technique strengthens the obvious week areas and extends the overall life of your asphalt investment. Asphalt Seal coating Without asphalt sealer your asphalt starts to oxidize and lose the asphalt binder which is what holds the asphalt together. This usually happens 6 months to a year after installation of new asphalt. What the Sealer does is replenishes the binder which is lost from aging and weathering and gives your asphalt protection against weather, water, and chemicals such as gas and other oil products.Seal coating your asphalt should be done 60 to 90 days after installation of new asphalt and after that every 3 to 4 years depending on the wear of your sealer on your asphalt. When we fill cracks we use two types of crack filling material. One is a cold pour material. This is used to fill cracks 1/2 inch or smaller. The other crack filler we use is hot crack filler. This crack filler needs to be heated before use and is good for cracks 1/2 and bigger, we normally use this material on parking lots, road ways, and areas wear there are large cracks.When working with oil spots, there is an oil spot primer that we use when oil spots are big and what this does is treats the oil so that it does not bleed through the sealer. This is something applied before sealer is applied. When the spots are untreatable, we usually remove the asphalt where the oil spot is or patch the area. All of these materials are non-hazardous and are environmentally safe.


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