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Here at Johnson Chiropractic Neurology and Nutrition, we stay at the cutting-edge of technology and research. We are dedicated to serving the most chronically ill patients in Michigan and the country, and we pride ourselves in getting results when others fail. We have combined the best of functional neurology, functional endocrinology, and functional immunology, to bring you a truly integrated, individualized and comprehensive approach to your chronic health condition. We treat patients neurologically and metabolically. We understand that the body is not compartmentalized. There are no separations of systems. It is from this paradigm that we build a solid foundation to work from. We conduct advanced laboratory testing, and we thoroughly examine your brain and nervous system. We look at your hormone system, digestive system, immune system, and your overall metabolic system to get a functional diagnosis. A functional diagnosis tells us exactly what we need to do to fix the problem. In short, no stone is left unturned to determine the exact cause of your health problem.


Utica, MI 48316

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