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Inquisitive minds. When we walk in your door, we ask: "what is your story?" and "who are you really?" It's a discovery process that leads to profound new ways of connecting your story with your audience. We recognize that every organization is different, and we believe in custom films catered to each client's specific needs. We do not like cheese. That is, we abhor cheesy productions, trite expressions, cliches and worn out approaches. Everyone's story deserves its own personalized spin. If that means we have to shoot underwater, against a green screen, or from the fender of an 18-wheeler barreling down the freeway, then we welcome the challenge. Have a strategy. We also recognize that a great video still has limited impact without a plan for presentation. Getting a finished piece in front of an audience is half of the battle for many clients. We can help with that, too. Enter Myrick Visual. Myrick Visual is an award-winning production agency of story focused professionals with decades of experience in film and video. Based in Minneapolis, our team excels at uncovering the core message that matters and tells that story in the most compelling way possible.


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