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Holiday light installation and removal services can take care of the task of hanging lights and setting up other decorations at the beginning of the season and returning after the holidays have wrapped up to remove and store everything until next year. Holiday FX in Kansas City, Missouri, offers holiday light installation as its primary service, although some landscaping companies, such as Joiner Irrigation Systems in Alvord, Texas, and Pristine Lawns in Sandy, Utah, offer this seasonal service, too. Several factors affect the cost of holiday light installation.

Home size and roof height

The cost for holiday light installation is generally based on how many linear feet of lights are to be installed. Average installation fees range from $1.25 to $3 per linear foot of lights if customers already own the lights needed. Joiner Irrigation Systems charges $1.25 per linear foot to install lights and 50 cents per linear foot to take them down. Customers who need to purchase lights can do so from Joiner Irrigation Systems for an additional 50 cents per linear foot for the installation. Holiday FX charges $3 per linear foot for installation, removal and off-season storage. Holiday FX offers customers new LED lights for an additional $2 per linear foot. The larger the home, the higher the cost. Contractors may charge higher rates for multistory dwellings because they may have to use special equipment to reach the eaves. Holiday FX owner Daren Moon estimates that a moderate residential installation costs about $450 and can go up to $1,200 for larger homes that need more lights or if a homeowner wants lights strung in trees and other landscaping.


A full light installation package, including the roofline and the live trees and larger bushes in the yard, as well as lighted wreaths and garlands, could cost anywhere from $1,000 to $6,000, including the purchase of lights, depending on the region and the home’s size and roof height. The overall cost decreases in subsequent years because the service will just include installation, removal and off-season storage—not the lights themselves.

Design consultation

Moon of Holiday FX is available to consult on where to place lights and decorations. He typically rolls this service into his total project fee. Other installers may charge a separate fee for this service, and some simply do not offer consulting services.


Installing outdoor lights in trees or integrating them with other landscaping increases the total cost. Moon of Holiday FX estimates that putting lights in a tree can cost anywhere from $60 for a small tree to $1,200 for a large tree, depending on the type, shape and height of the tree. A deciduous tree with open branches requires tight wrapping of the light strings around the branches to achieve the best look, whereas putting lights in a conifer with a typical cone shape may take less time and require fewer lights if it is not too tall.

LED or incandescent

Both Holiday FX and Holy Christmas Lights in Houston, Texas, charge $1 more per linear square foot for LED lights. Moon of Holiday FX says LED lights are more energy-efficient and, for that reason, will likely soon be the only option in most places. Holy Christmas Lights usually offers a guarantee that the installation will be complete in one day.

Wreaths and garlands

Full-service holiday lighting companies typically offer lighted outdoor wreaths for an additional cost of $50–$150 per wreath. Garland prices are based on length, typically costing $25 and higher for 9 feet.

Set pieces

Moon of Holiday FX says his company will set up illuminated figurines or other set pieces in clients’ yards if they ask. The cost depends on the amount of work required. Moon generally avoids set piece setup that requires his team to get up on the roof because of increased liability. He is, however, insured for $2 million to cover liability and worker’s compensation.

Residential or commercial

Many holiday light installation companies that serve residential customers also do commercial installation. Moon of Holiday FX says because commercial installations take more time and require more lights, the cost is about twice that of residential jobs—into the tens of thousands of dollars to decorate a shopping mall, for example.


Depending on the company, storage during the off season may or may not be included in the total cost. Holiday FX and Holy Christmas Lights both include off-season storage as part of their installation service fees.

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