Judith A. Hancox, MSW, LCSW, BCETS
Judith A. Hancox, MSW, LCSW, BCETS

Judith A. Hancox, MSW, LCSW, BCETS

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Introduction: Shiome Therapy accelerates your body's natural, innate "program" to heal by removing the "infection" of unresolved traumatic memory quickly using pressure points as well as bi-lateral brain stimulation. It can help reprocess and resolve an emotional issue holistically, within one or two sessions. Many of my clients who were in cognitive-behavioral therapy and analysis for decades to treat their emotional symptoms, found relief and resolution within a few weeks time under my care. Shiome Therapy is a creative emotional healing technique that utilizes body, mind and spirit. It synergizes Energy Medicine, Bi-Lateral Brain Stimulation and some of the best East and Western psychotherapeutic tools, with a unique dynamic protocol. Shiome's Energy Correction Meditation utilizes six pressure points to correct the body/mind's energy systems to change a negative feeling to a positive feeling within 20-30 seconds or less on each point. Shiome Therapy can be utilized with individuals, partners and groups of people - large or small. The implications for healing many people at one time in a "Shiome Healing Circle" are significant after natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and tornadoes, as well as assisting in any human crisis. Shiome Therapy is designed for PTSD, but Group Healing can help within the first 30 days after a trauma, in what is referred to as "Acute Stress." I have utilized Group Healing Circles in groups of 12 - 20 people, and participants have cleared their emotional distress within 30 - 45 minutes with great success. The Energy Correction Meditation (ECM) used in Shiome Therapy, can be used easily in our everyday life. It was created, developed and based on the "brief energy correction" in Evolving Thought Field Therapy and other TFT, EFT techniques. It utilizes the science of Raja Yoga, and Universal Energy Laws. There is a 6 minute, and a 16 minute meditation to choose from, as I guide you to adapt it for your own unique concerns. It helps you create a positive reality, by assisting you to stay Present and aware of your Higher Power, each and every moment of the day! I love helping people heal; I'm energized and enjoy the process, especially guiding the shifting of negatives to positives. Every client who participates in the "magic circle" or medicine wheel protocol is given a spiritual gift - a vision that connects with the positive affirmation they want to remember. When we "install" the positive affirmation with a series of eye movements and energy work, there is a profound shift that occurs. Sensitive clients can feel the shift during the weeks that follow. I love to hear the reports of the 3 D's - anything different, dreams or disturbances that relate to the shift. They process at home during the week, and expand on it each session. I enjoy those "aha" moments more than anyone may realize. It fills me with joy and gives me the strength and balance to continue this work for many years to come. I don't see myself retiring, in fact, I'd like to expand the work nationally and internationally. Group Healing Circles can assist many people at one time. Groups of people who are suffering in natural and unnatural disasters will benefit greatly. I envision Group Healing as a means to accelerate the healing process on our planet. It's an exciting concept, and I've been able to facilitate it in many of my workshops.

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Rebecca C.
Apr 16, 2011
My work with Judi has helped me get to the core of my issues within a very short time. I have been able to quickly gain insight on an intellectual, emotional, and spiritual level and then work on releasing negative beliefs and cognitions about me and my place in the world. Judi realizes that trauma and the resulting beliefs from it are stored in the body and that therapy must address the mind-body connection to be effective. Using EMDR, Energy Psychology, and Essential Oils in addition to more traditional psychodynamic/cognitive behavioral techniques, she addresses the problem on many levels. In addition, in every session there is a spiritual component to our work, which has been so valuable to me. I’ve often thought about how fortunate I was to have found her. I have gone from a shy, self-conscious teenager to a mature young woman who is able to live in her truth. I couldn’t have done it without Judi’s help.
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Melinda P.
Jan 14, 2014
Judi is a wonderful, wise healer and a teacher. When I was in high school, I had been therapist hopping since I was 6 years old until I met Judi. Only she was able to help me overcome past traumas. Even after we parted, and I slipped between a rock and a hard place, I knew to come back to her. I have developed emotionally and spiritually in a way I used to believe I never could, and I have discovered much more about myself thanks to her! Her methods are much more empathic, personalized, and understanding to her clients than "typical" ways by getting to the root of any trauma. Learning that the body holds certain feelings that can hinder healing and how to release anything stuck there has accelerated my progress. She includes that we are much more than our emotions and feelings, and that we can overcome past hindrances and traumas to shine brighter than before. Thank you so much!
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Cathy C.
Apr 12, 2011
Judy is a genuine, kind, caring and compassionate professional. I have known her for 10 years and she has helped me through some very difficult challenges. She is a strong, wise, gentle and loving healer. She is the real deal!
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Becky Y.
Apr 12, 2011
I have known Judi for about half of my life. She has been a beloved teacher and spiritual counselor for both myself and the rest of my immediate family. When things got too overwhelming and all the other regular avenues no longer worked, Judi was always there with a warm smile and genuine compassion. She has shown me techniques to use to cope with both childhood trauma and the newer challenges that have risen as I've entered into adulthood. Judi is a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration.
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Tara H.
Apr 13, 2011
Judith has brought light into my life, literally. I have suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder my whole life. Being hospitalized in the past as a child and medicated. Judith's technic has helped me release my traumas in a spiritual and holistic way. Since I have worked with her I now have fulfilled relationships, career developments, and love for myself


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    Please check their credentials, their license, and look for their experience and specialty in their field. Talk to other clients and consumers who have experienced their treatment, trust their ability, and know they have confidence in their work, and love what they do! If the professional is not willing to assist with a payment plan and the client is motivated and ready to heal, but has financial difficulties, then find a professional who meets that criteria. There are many wonderful, capable therapists, so do not settle for less. Trust your instincts. If after a few sessions your needs are not met, look for someone else. I am not offended by that, and do not take it personal. I know there is someone that meets the individual's needs, and I'm happy to help them find that person!

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