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While Feng Shui can yield amazing results if practiced correctly, many of the uniformed think it is an occult-like practice peppered with some kind of voodoo magic that can produce supernatural results. Unfortunately, this ignorance is often exploited by a plethora of Feng Shui "practitioners" who are only too eager to sell their "cures" or formulas to an audience eager for a quick fix to romance, fortune or fame. Feng Shui is not just an "Eastern" philosophy"; it is a technique that can be used universally anywhere in any culture. Techniques are used in every walk of life to improve both quality and performance. If you want to hit a golf ball down the middle of the fairway, or if you want to paint a still life portrait, the secrets of the masters are hidden in the techniques they have developed to excel in their craft. Similarly, Feng Shui employs techniques that have been developed and demonstrated over thousands of years to create harmonious, vibrant environments for success in all aspects of life. In my practice, I apply these principles for the benefit of my clients, both at home and in the workplace. Whether you are simply looking for some recommendations to improve harmony in the home, or you need extensive review of your business site to boost sales, I have the expertise and knowledge that can be of service.


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Coverage Area for Better Business Feng Shui is about 50+ miles of Sussex, NJ.