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Casper Design Solutions was originally an interior decorative painting company that came to grow into a full-blown design service, and we have had enormous success with small and large, residential and commercial clients in the tri-state area. We still provide clients with top-of-the-line decorative painting techniques (i.e. venetian plaster, antiquing/distressing, gilding, texturizing, murals, stencils, marbleizing and all other faux finishes), and if they do not already exist, we will invent new ones. In addition, we provide you with design and furniture consultation, all forms of sewing, staging and renovations (i.e. small/large, carpentry, tiling and straight painting). We pride ourselves on being competitive and original, and we are also resourceful and reasonably priced for today's market.


Vernon, NJ 07462

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    • What types of customers have you worked with?
      Mostly we are contacted by new clients, via previous clients, to come up with new wall finishes, that will complement a home/business' look. Oftentimes the client already have something in mind, and it is up to us to help them realize their dream. But, most times, it is left up to us, as professionals, to guide the client in their choices of colors and finishes. Finally, additional work is done, more times than not, such as sewing and purchasing of some select pieces to make the end result complete. The jobs have mostly been residential, but we have been privy to an exclusive ongoing engagement with some of The Tri State areas' most successful resorts, housing some of the best accredited restaurants and spas, and as a result have gone on to create some distinguished spas, exclusively, as well.
    Coverage Area for C Design is about 150+ miles of Vernon, NJ.