Richmond County Day Camp

Staten Island, NY

About this pro

We are the #1 summer day camp on Staten Island since 1995.

Located at 1075 Woodrow Rd., RCDC provides free door-to-door transportation or extended hours.

Our program combines traditional camp activities like swimming, sports, and arts and crafts with daily trips and special events, all for less than $60 per day.


Staten Island, NY 10312


5 Reviews
  • Guppie S. Jul 18, 2015
    I'm so sorry my statement about this camp was very wrong. This camp is wonderful. My friends daughter attended last year and she had made so many friends, she had a great time. On the other hand my other friend sent her 14 year old daughter to this camp and she didn't have ask much fun. I recommend this camp to younger children. They will have more fun outside playing sports than sitting inside playing video games!!!
  • Guppie S. Jul 16, 2015
    This camp is terrible. Your kid is outside all day and will be dying of heat when they get home. The director Larry does not care about your child, he smart talks the kids. The food they serve at lunch is cheap and horrible. The counselors are payed half of minimum wage. The only thing I can say good about this camp is that the counselors are great to the campers and your kid will love them. Don't send your kid to this camp unless you want to come home with them complaining about there day.
    Larry M. Jul 18, 2015

    OK, just so everyone knows, (even though noone really reads or cares about this stuff), both of the previous reviews were written by, or coached by a former, very unintelligent, staff member who not only walked out on her campers and employers without notice, but also comitted libel, defamation and broke numerous codes of conduct that she signed and agreed to when she was hired, The bottom line is this: we've been the most popular day camp on Staten Island for many years. Our campers, (of ALL ages), and parents love us. (Stop by and visit ANY time during camp and see for your self). Next week, her former group will get their NEW counslor and in a couple of days, it will be like this former staff member never existed. And as a reminder to any campers (or staff), who might be reading this, I hope you are not texting or using your phones during camp, or posting fake reviews,because if you are, your parents will be notified and you will be expelled. (Or terminated). We WILL find out.

  • Barbra T. Aug 21, 2014
    5 Stars!!!! My son loves this camp!! The counselors are so attentive and they are so kind. All trip and activities are so well organized. The camp is clean and neat well air conditioned when it is to hot to be outside. Such a variety of daily activities and awesome day trips...This camp goes above and beyond to make sure our kids have a great summer experience. I recommend Richmond County Day Camp to all my friends....Thank you for a great Summer 2014!!!
  • Irina R. Aug 15, 2014
    Thumbs Up.. Five Stars .. Great camp!! The camp is not even over and my son can’t wait to go back next summer. The camp is all about the kids filled with great organized dedicated leaders. Each day is filled with activities and fun. Great daily trips. Always going somewhere and always doing something.. even rainy days they find a place to go to and have fun.. This is the first summer camp that my son didn’t spend it indoors watching TV and not even once did he say he was bored. Comes home tired, what else can I ask for. Great hours, great rates with flexible payments.. Thank you Larry and Kathy and all the counselors!! Awesome Job..
  • Albi J. Jul 11, 2012
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