How much will your siding installation cost?

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How much does aluminum siding cost?

Installing aluminum siding costs between $5 and $9 per square foot¹. Most homeowners spend on average between $7,750 to $13,800¹ on their house siding project.

Depending on your home's size, your siding gauge and the pro you choose to work with, the total cost of your aluminum siding job will vary. There may be other factors that affect your cost, too, like your home's architectural design and whether you need existing siding removed before installation. 

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Aluminum siding cost per square foot

With aluminum siding prices ranging from $5-$9 per square foot, the cost to install aluminum siding will fluctuate depending on the total square footage. Here’s a look at how much aluminum siding can costs based on the cost per square foot:

Total square footage

Estimated cost









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Aluminum siding cost factors

There are various factors to consider when estimating aluminum siding prices.

  • Colors and textures. You may pay more per square if you buy aluminum siding that has pre-baked color or texture.
  • Project scope. Homes with unique architectural elements may need additional squares of siding and a more experienced pro to achieve the right look. This can also add more hours of labor to your siding installation.
  • Deliver fees. Ask about shipping charges before buying your siding.
  • Permit fees. Check your local laws to see if a permit is necessary. While you may not save money, it helps to anticipate these fees before you begin your installation. 
  • Siding removal. Many homeowners may want to remove old siding before they install new aluminum siding. While you may be able to install your new siding over your old siding, it can be tough to determine if this is an option before your pro takes a closer look at your home beneath the existing siding.
  • Repairs and sanding. If you choose to keep your existing siding, you may need to sand, repair or seal the siding before adding the new aluminum on top. This can increase the number of hours the contractor works, but your pro can tell you if it's more economical to repair existing siding or remove it.
  • Painting. Some homeowners will want to paint their aluminum siding. Often, your installation team may have a painting team that they recommend. If you have a trusted painter, you can also work with them to ensure your new siding looks its best. Always ask your pro if painting is included in the price. 
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Aluminum vs. vinyl siding cost

Aluminum siding is slightly more expensive than installing vinyl siding, which typically costs between $4-$7 per square foot. There is a wider variety of vinyl siding types available, so the material cost may be higher than aluminum siding in some cases. You can buy pre-painted vinyl siding as well as pre-painted aluminum siding. 

Aluminum siding lasts about 25-40+ years, while vinyl siding lasts 60 years, according to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

Aluminum siding benefits

Aluminum siding is a low-maintenance option that can give your home some curb appeal while protecting your home's exterior from bugs, fire and weather damage. It can easily be trimmed and replaced, leading to less scrap metal left over and easier repairs as your siding ages. And with regular maintenance, aluminum siding has incredible longevity compared to other types of siding

How to save money on new siding

One of the easiest ways to save money on your aluminum siding installation is by asking your contractor if they offer any discounts or specials. And because aluminum is so lightweight, there's a higher likelihood that you can install it over your existing siding. So also ask your pro contractor to see if this is a viable option for your home. 

Aluminum siding maintenance tips

Aluminum siding is notoriously low maintenance, but a little care goes a long way. Cleaning your siding with a hose (avoid using a pressure washer) can help keep your siding in good condition. You can also spot clean with a mild detergent to avoid hefty cleaning fees later on. 

Over time, your siding's color may fade from sun exposure. In many cases, you can keep your siding looking fresh by repainting every couple of years.

Occasionally, you may get a dent or scrape on your siding. Save some scrap metal from your installation for future siding repair, and contact a pro to replace or repair the damaged part of your siding. 

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How to hire a siding contractor

Getting the right pro for your installation project is easy when you use Thumbtack to search for aluminum siding contractors near you. But, before you hire a pro, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Compare free estimates. Ask contractors and other professionals to take a look at your home and provide a cost estimate. Then, see how the quotes compare so you can identify the pros that are in line with your budget and your needs.
  • See what past customers have to say. Reading a pro's reviews can help you find a reliable, experienced siding professional.
  • Ask about similar projects. Many siding pros have pictures to show their past work. Ask for a picture that shows how they handle aluminum siding installations.
  • Check their credentials. Make sure that whoever you hire has the proper license and insurance in your state.

You can read our guide on how to hire a contractor for more helpful hiring tips.

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Installing new aluminum siding can be more affordable than you think. By working with a trustworthy Thumbtack pro, you can ensure your home looks its best and remains protected against the elements for years to come.

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These are the most frequently asked questions about installing aluminum siding:

How long will aluminum siding last?

Aluminum siding usually lasts at least 25 years, but it has been known to last over 40 years in many cases.

Metal siding is designed for durability, so it's a great option that will last years if you live in an area with regular inclement weather. Aluminum siding is also insect-proof and fire-proof, making it a long-lasting option to protect your home.

Where can you buy aluminum siding?

Aluminum siding is available at most home improvement supply stores and chain stores. Your siding professional may also be able to buy aluminum siding at a discount, so always ask your pro where they recommend you shop for your siding. You may be able to save money by buying aluminum siding in bulk. If you can receive a bulk discount, this is a good time to buy additional aluminum squares for future repairs. 

What kind of paint can you use on aluminum siding?

Whether you're painting new siding or repainting existing aluminum siding, you always want to use an acrylic or latex exterior paint for metals. Aluminum siding often looks its best when you use a low-luster or satin finish paint.

You will also need to prime your siding with an etching primer before you start painting. Hiring a pro to paint your new siding can give your home a polished, professional look. 

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Which is better — aluminum or vinyl siding?

Aluminum siding is a low-maintenance option ideal for many homes. While aluminum siding often offers a longer lifespan than vinyl siding, some homeowners prefer the variety of colors available in vinyl siding. Both aluminum siding and vinyl siding are easy to install and made to withstand inclement weather. 

When in doubt, ask a pro. They can help you decide whether aluminum or vinyl siding is the best option for your home.

Additional sources: Siding Authority¹, Bob Vila 

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