How much will your siding installation cost?

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How much does siding cost?

On average, siding a house (or re-siding parts of your home) costs between $650 and $2,860 total. However, some homeowners spend significantly more — nearly $15,000 — depending on their home’s size and the materials they choose.

Vinyl siding tends to be cheaper than other materials at $393 per square, followed by fiber cement siding at $684 per square and wood siding at $1,389 per square.

House siding cost:

National average cost $650-$2,860
Low-end cost $49.30-$500
High-end cost $3,880-$14,990

The cost of adding new siding on your home will depend on the type of siding you choose, the size of the surface, labor costs and the preparation work. Keep reading to learn more about how to calculate the cost of siding, and get a quick idea of material and labor costs by searching for siding contractors near you.

Siding installation cost by material:

Siding materials Cost per square¹
Vinyl $393
Fiber cement $684
Wood $1,389
Brick $2,048
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Vinyl siding cost

Vinyl siding costs between $4 and $7 per square foot, or $393 per square (a square equals 10-feet-by-10-feet or 100 square feet). This cost includes roughly equal parts of labor and material, according to the Vinyl Institute. Vinyl comes pre-colored, which excludes the need for painting and represents significant savings for homeowners. 

Vinyl siding cost $4-$7 per sq. ft. or $393 per square
Pros -Relatively easy to install
-No paint required
-Low maintenance
-A good choice for replacing old siding
-Can mimic the look of real wood
Cons -Easy to make serious mistakes during DIY installation
-If moisture gets trapped, it can lead to rot, mildew and mold
-May crack or dent due to impact or extreme weather 
-Can be hard to match style and color when replacing vinyl siding

Vinyl siding's lower installation cost and low-maintenance qualities make it an attractive option for homeowners. It goes up quickly and requires only occasional cleaning. However, DIY installation is not as straightforward as you might assume. Over-tightened nails can cause vinyl siding to crack, expand and warp. 

Fiber cement siding cost

Fiber cement siding costs $684 per square. This type of siding is manufactured with a number of different materials, including sand, cement and wood fibers. When finished, it creates a high-quality, durable substance. And despite its industrial-sounding name, one of the main perks of fiber cement siding is that it can be nearly indiscernible from regular wood.

Fiber cement siding prices $684 per square
Pros -Eco-friendly
-Resistant to fire and insect-proof
-Easily maintained
-Several stylistic siding options (flat, wood grain, etc.)
-Warranties up to 50 years
Cons -More expensive
-Higher siding installation costs
-May get damaged during freeze and thaw cycles
-Requires refinishing
-More limited color selection

Wood siding cost

Wood siding costs $1,389 per square. Wood provides an immediately warm and familiar aesthetic, whether it takes the form of shingles, lap siding, clapboard, board and batten or shiplap. Homeowners can endlessly customize their wood-sided house, choosing from softwoods like pine, cedar, spruce, hemlock and cypress. 

Wood siding prices $1,389 per square
Pros -Beautiful and classic look
-Endlessly customizable
-Readily available
-Can be inexpensive depending on wood type
Cons -More expensive
-High maintenance with painting and staining
-Deteriorates over time
-Susceptible to rot, fire and insects
-Can have high installation costs

Wood siding is iconic and generally what other siding materials strive to imitate. Because it's so easy to work with, it's also endlessly customizable. However, wood does require more maintenance, and rot is bound to occur without regular upkeep. 

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Brick siding cost

Brick siding costs $2,048 per square. It offers high durability and a look that only gets better with age — assuming the brick is maintained well. However, it’s expensive and limited in terms of color options. Some homeowners find a brick veneer or stone veneer option to be better for their budgets.

Brick siding prices $2,048 per square
Pros -Low-maintenance
-Beautiful aesthetic
-Fire-resistant and weather-resistant
-Durable and long-lasting
Cons -Among the most expensive types of siding
-Labor intensive to install
-Might experience limited color options

Aluminum siding cost

Aluminum siding costs between $5 and $9 per square foot² and is one of the most durable and elegant siding options available. Like other siding materials, it requires cleaning to stay fresh, but it is a relatively low-maintenance option that’s naturally rust-resistant. 

Aluminum siding prices $5-$9 per sq. ft.
Pros -Affordable
-Easy to install
-Water and heat-resistant
-Doesn’t rot
Cons -Noisy in rain and hail
-Can become damaged due to soft nature
-Can corrode
-Can wear out with excessive weathering
-May need repainting every 5-10 years

Aluminum is flame-resistant and termite-proof. However, its soft-metal nature makes it prone to denting and scratching. 

How much is a box of siding?

Prices for a box of siding vary greatly. Here are several cost examples from a major home improvement store:

Description Sq. ft. per box or case Cost per box or case
Cedar shingle siding 25 sq. ft. $116
PVC siding 100 sq. ft. $346
Stone siding 24 sq. ft $478

Keep in mind that the cost to buy a box of siding will depend on the brand, prices in your local area and several other factors. Reach out to a pro to get expert advice on what type of siding you should get to stay within your budget.

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How to estimate siding installation costs

To estimate the cost of siding, your first step is to calculate the square footage of your home’s exterior (or just the area where you want to install or replace your siding). Measure the width and height of your walls, subtracting area for angled sections, windows and doors. For anything beyond a one-story house, carefully use a ladder to measure accurate heights. Add 10% to the total to account for extra lengths and waste. 

When you’ve got the total square footage, you can use that to estimate the total price. You should also reach out to several siding contractors in your local area to get an even more realistic cost estimate. Give the pro the measurements you wrote down and let them know what type of siding you want.

How often does siding need to be replaced?

This varies with the type of siding of you have. With vinyl, it should be replaced when it starts to fade or become brittle. Brick should be replaced when it crumbles, and wood siding needs to be replaced when it becomes soft and spongy.

If you’re selling your home and your old siding looks shabby, it’s probably worth painting or staining it. If your siding is starting to chip, rot, crack or fade, it’s probably time to replace it with new siding.

How to save money on siding

Here are a few money-saving strategies if you're about to get new siding: 

Get free quotes

Get price quotes from many contractors to find the best price, keeping in mind the pro’s quality of work, too. 

Ask pros for cost-saving tips

The siding contractors in your area are knowledgeable about the best siding material to use for your home, climate and budget. Don’t be shy — ask them what they recommend so you can stay below your budget.

Don’t sacrifice quality for short-term savings

You may be tempted to buy the cheapest type of siding, but balance this with your long-term goals. If you don’t mind replacing the siding sooner or the house simply needs a face-lift for sale, you may want to choose a less expensive option like vinyl siding. But if you have long-term plans for your house, you may want to choose something that’s more durable, requires less maintenance and has a longer warranty.

Stay on top of maintenance

To help ensure your siding lasts as long as possible, don’t skip basic maintenance tasks. No siding is 100% maintenance-free — you should always clean, inspect and repair your siding as necessary. For example, use a soft cloth or a bristle brush to clean your vinyl siding. You might be able to use a pressure washer, but check with the manufacturer or ask your siding contractor. 

How to hire a siding contractor

Search for potential siding contractors on Thumbtack. Compare the pros near you, and read their ratings and customer reviews. You can even browse through customers’ and contractors’ photos of previous siding projects. 

Once you’ve found a few pros you like, contact them for free cost estimates and ask them several questions. For example, you can ask:

  • When will the crew be available to work?
  • How long would the project take?
  • Do you have any material recommendations for my budget?

Once you’ve gotten several free estimates, make a decision based on the pro's price and quality of work.

Learn more about how to hire a pro by reading Thumbtack’s Smart Hiring guide, which has more information on how to adequately research pros. 

Find a siding contractor near you

Siding is not only a critical part of protecting your home — it’s a great investment and can boost your curb appeal. When it’s time to put siding on your house, find the best contractor for you on Thumbtack.

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The following are frequently asked questions about siding:

What is the best low-maintenance siding?

Fiber cement and vinyl siding often require the least amount of maintenance, especially compared to wood siding. 

What is the best siding for a house?

The best siding for a house depends on your budget, stylistic preferences and appetite for maintenance. Chat with a siding professional to figure out which one is best for you.

Does new siding increase home value?

Depending on the type of siding you get — and the conditions in your real estate market — replacing siding may give you a return on investment. For example, the 2020 Cost vs. Value report found that replacing fiber cement and vinyl siding recouped 74.7% and 77.6% of costs, respectively.

Is insulated siding worth it?

Insulated vinyl siding increases the R-value of a wall by 2 to 2.7, which is not a significant amount relative to its 20% to 50% higher price tag, according to The Balance. However, it can make your siding more solid.

What is the easiest siding to install?

Vinyl siding is one of the easiest to install. It goes on quickly and requires no painting.

Additional sources: 

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