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How much does art installation cost?

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The average cost for an art installer is $110. You are likely to spend between $60 and $195 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated September 1st, 2017

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Picture hanging and art installation service providers come to your home or business to professionally mount framed art and memorabilia, sculptures, decor and more on the walls using the correct mounting hardware for the art piece and type of walls you have (plaster, drywall, stucco, etc.). Some installers also hang window treatments and install flat-screen TVs. Others, such as Jupey Gale of Affairs of the Arts, Wesley Clark of Artist’s Eye Installations and Eli Elysee have fine art backgrounds and focus primarily on artwork. Pricing for art installation services is generally based on the number of pieces to be installed, how involved the installation will be and how long the job takes. The average nationwide cost for art installation is $55–$165 per piece. Most installers have a minimum fee to come to the installation site after providing an initial quote.

Number of pieces

Art installers often charge by the number of pieces to be installed. For fewer than 10 pieces, for example, Eli Elysee typically charges $20–$25 per piece. Level & Clean owner John Cope charges $15 per anchor to hang artwork.

Weight and complexity

Most installers will charge more for heavy pieces or anything that requires special hardware, such as mirrors or hanging sculptures, regardless of how many pieces need to be installed. Eli Elysee requires clients to provide as much of these kinds of details as possible when requesting a quote to help ensure that his bid is accurate. Sending photos of the backs of the pieces to be hung can give the installer a better idea of what tools and hanging hardware are required.

Hourly rate

Gale of Affairs of the Arts has a one-time trip charge of $125, which usually covers her travel time, tools, ladders and hanging hardware. After that, she charges $85 an hour. If she needs to bring a second installer, that person’s services will be billed at $75 an hour. Eli Elysee’s hourly rate for home installations ranges from $40 to $75, but he also sometimes charges by the piece. In addition, he usually asks clients to provide the hanging hardware, though he will purchase it and charge accordingly if necessary. Elysee also provides consulting services to businesses and institutions for mounting art exhibits, and in those cases, his hourly rates are higher to account for consulting fees, schedule changes, delays and the additional time involved.

Hanging method

Using the correct hanging method is critical when installing artwork to protect both the piece as well as the wall that it’s being hung on. It’s always a good idea to inform the art installer upfront if your home or business has any kind of wall surface other than drywall over wood framing—these might include plaster, stucco, tile, brick or concrete. Experienced installers know that the hanging hardware they use must support the weight of each piece and that the hardware holding up heavier pieces should be attached to wall studs. Cope of Level & Clean increases his prices by 50 percent to install art or window treatments on cement, metal or tile.

Additional services

Cope’s team at Level & Clean can hang art as well as window treatments and flat-screen TVs. He charges $95 for up to one and a half hours to take measurements within his primary service area, since accuracy is key with window treatments in particular. Many art installers, including Affairs of the Arts and Big Apple Art Gallery and Custom Framing owner Mohammed Elyas also specialize in framing services. (Costs vary depending on the size of the piece and the cost of framing materials.) Artist’s Eye Installations also puts up wall sculptures, sconces and window treatments. Eli Elysee can install almost anything that attaches to walls, including flat-screen monitors and TVs.

Cost-saving strategies

Eli Elysee recommends that customers provide as much detail about the items to be hung in advance to help save time and increase the accuracy of the initial estimate.

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