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How much does bamboo flooring cost?

Natural bamboo floors are touted as an eco-friendly and affordable alternative to hardwood floors because of their highly renewable nature. Bamboo floor installation is similar to hardwood floor installation, and they provide the same sleek look. Bamboo flooring is easy to clean, doesn’t promote dust or harbor dust mites, and the bamboo itself is naturally resistant to many pests. Several factors affect the overall cost of bamboo floor installation.

Types of bamboo flooring

There are three different kinds of solid bamboo flooring: vertical-grain solid strip, flat-grain solid strip and strand-woven bamboo. The most common type is flat grain bamboo, which is made up of thin, flat strips of bamboo that are stacked on top of each other and then laminated together. Not all bamboo flooring is created equally. According to Jeff Brown with Custom Construx in Monrovia, Indiana, "There are types of strand-woven bamboo that have twice the density of any other hardwood floor in the world, with a score of more than 5,000+ on the Janka hardness test." Here are some examples of bamboo flooring installation projects and their costs from Custom Construx:

800-square-foot strand woven bamboo floor

  • Residential installation, total project cost: $6,405

    • Tear out and remove existing carpet: $280

    • Materials (bamboo and transitions): $3,600

    • Labor costs for installation of bamboo and transitions: $2,200

    • Quarter round trim (shoe mold): $325

    • This project took two days.

450-square-foot, tiger-stripe strand-woven bamboo floor

  • Residential installation in a historic home, total project cost: $3,716.75

    • Tear out and remove existing engineered hardwood floor: $225

    • Materials (bamboo and transitions): $1,795.50

    • Labor costs for installation of bamboo and transitions: $1,327.50

    • Quarter round trim (shoe mold): $218.75

    • Floor repair $150

    • This project took one day.

1,250-square-foot strand-woven bamboo floor

  • Commercial property remodel, total project cost: $8,731.75

  • Materials (bamboo and transitions): $4,428

  • Labor costs for installation of bamboo and transitions: $3,437.50

  • Quarter round trim (shoe mold): $866.25

Price per square foot for installation

"Bamboo flooring usually costs 25 percent to 50 percent less than hardwood flooring," says Brown of Custom Construx. The cost per square foot for installation really depends on the type of bamboo flooring and the amount of square footage being covered. Custom Construx charges $2.75–$3.50 per square foot for installation only. A quarter round (shoe mold) is usually needed for the trim, which is generally stained or painted. The materials and labor for the quarter round start as low as $1.75 per square foot.

Price per square foot for preparation

Most flooring companies charge a base price per square foot for installation, which can increase if extra prep work is required to ready the subfloor. If the company simply needs to remove the old flooring, costs will be lower than if repair work is required to bring the subfloor up to standard. Total costs depend on the extent of repair work and cost of materials needed. Here are some examples of cost from Custom Construx:

  • Standard carpet removal: 35 cents per square foot, to start

  • Difficult ceramic or porcelain tile removal: Up to $2.25 per square foot

    • Includes removal of the durarock
  • Floor repair: $75 minimum

    • Flooring repair rates are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Note that occasionally, installers must install a layer of plywood as the subfloor because it’s best to nail down bamboo flooring when installing it—for example, if the existing subfloor is a concrete slab.

Cost of refinishing bamboo

Bamboo does not need to be refinished on a regular basis, says Brown with Custom Construx, but if the floors have been treated with any products that are not good for hardwood, such as waxes or oils, or if there are heavy wear patterns or lots of dents, then they would need to be fully refinished. The techniques of sanding and finishing bamboo require higher skills than regular for hardwood floors, and this work should be done by a professional. Custom Construx has a starting price of $5.25 per square foot to sand and refinish a bamboo floor.

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