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How much does it cost to repair a sagging floor?

If you have a sag or slope in your flooring that’s driving you crazy, have a flooring specialist repair the problem so you can walk on even ground again. A sagging or sloping floor can be caused by a wide range of problems. There may be issues with the floor joists; you may have a termite or pest infestation that is damaging your wood; the wood may be saturated with moisture or rotten; soil compaction may be causing your home to settle or sink; or there may be other problems with soil movement.

For major issues with soil movement or sinking, you may need an engineer or foundation specialist to shore up the structural support of your home using steel piles or other foundational solutions. If your home’s soil or structural foundation is in good condition, a flooring repair pro can boost your sagging floor and straighten out your life once more. Here are cost considerations when hiring a pro to repair your sagging floor.

Minimum service fee

Some flooring pros may have a minimum service fee for their repair jobs. The fee covers their cost of transportation to the job site as well as the cost to do business, which may encompass insurance, licensing, workers’ compensation, company vehicles, equipment and tools, and other business costs. Floor repairs above a certain size may require an additional fee. Here is one example of a minimum service fee for flooring repair:

Hourly rate

Some floor repair professionals have an hourly rate for their services, separate from materials costs. Mike Edlin of Precise Flooring & Remodels in Charlotte, North Carolina, charges per hour, per worker for labor, with the cost of materials a separate fee. Edlin often procures the materials for the client to streamline the process; if you’d prefer to purchase materials on your own, always run your planned purchase list by the flooring contractor beforehand to save yourself time and money. Here is one example of an hourly rate cost:

Square footage rate

Some floor repair pros price out jobs per square foot. Contractors may include the cost of materials and labor in their square footage prices; other contractors may charge a flat fee for standard floor repairs up to a certain square footage. For example, for floor repairs up to 20-30 square feet, the labor cost is $125, says Iglesias of Antonio’s Flooring; for more than 50 square feet, the labor cost is $175. Iglesias notes that there is an additional labor cost for repairs to hardwood floors where the wood is glued down.

Sagging floor solutions

There are a variety of causes for sagging floors, so there are quite a few solutions. The labor, materials and equipment required for the repair will all dictate cost.

"The cost of fixing a sagging floor depends on how big and bad the problem is," says Edlin of Precise Flooring & Remodels. “You can add quarter-inch plywood underneath the finish floor to smooth the surface layer. You can jack up the floor with a bottle jack to create lift. You can sister the joists by bolting on another 2 by 12 (or the appropriate size lumber) to add extra support where one joist is lacking.” All repairs by Precise Flooring & Remodels are charged at a rate of $75 per worker per hour.

If your sagging is due to an unlevel floor, says Iglesias with Antonio’s Flooring, you can level it out with a product like Ardex, a construction compound similar to concrete commonly used for smoothing subfloors. His company would remove the flooring down to the subfloor and add the Ardex to level it. For a smaller job of 20-30 square feet, the labor cost without materials would be approximately $225 from Antonio’s Flooring.

Regional costs

The area where you live will impact your sagging floor repair costs because of regional variations in the cost of labor and cost of doing business. The company you work with will also impact cost; independent contractors may have lower fees than large flooring companies, and specialized woodworkers or those with advanced training, associations or certifications may charge higher rates.

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