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Cat-sitting services provide care and feeding to felines while their owners are at work or on vacation. Cat-sitting is available for one or multiple cats in a home. Most sitters will give cats food and water, change the litter box, clean bedding, take the cat outside, provide companionship, play with the cat, dispense medication and groom the cat as part of their service. Some cat sitters will also collect mail, water plants, take out trash, and check windows and doors for security. Several factors affect the cost of cat-sitting services.

Cat-sitting visits

Cat-sitting visits can last from 15 minutes to 60 minutes or longer, depending on the owner’s requests and budget. The longer the visit, the more expensive the service. Standard cat-sitting visits generally include feeding, watering, playing and giving affection. Administration of medication and grooming may or may not be included in the fee, and these services should be negotiated with the professional. Here are some examples of tiered pricing based on the length of visit from Wave Your Paw Pet Care in Minneapolis, Minnesota:

  • 10- to 20-minute visit: $15—best suited for a quick feeding

  • 20- to 40-minute visit: $20

  • 40- to 60-minute visit: $25

  • 60-minute visit in the evening: $30

Overnight cat-sitting

Cat sitters can be hired to stay overnight and care for an animal in the client’s home. Many clients choose this option if they want the security of having someone in the home, if they have an elderly or sick cat, or if they have a kitten that needs greater levels of attendance. Hiring a cat sitter to stay overnight increases the cost for services because the client is paying for exclusive use of the cat sitter’s time. Here are some examples:

Additional cats

The total cost for services generally increases with more cats. Additional cats require additional time, energy and attention—including extra cleaning of food dishes and more time to administer medications if required. Gail’s Full Service Pet Sitting charges an additional $5 for each additional cat if there are more than two cats.


Cat sitters generally charge more if they have to travel beyond a certain distance. Sparkle Cat Sitting offers tiered pricing based on location in San Francisco where parking can be challenging. A service map on the company’s website designates three price points for cat-sitting day visits:

  • Locations within the green zone, closest to the business address: $25

  • Locations within the yellow zone: $25–$30, depending on whether or not a client can provide a parking space

  • Locations within the red zone, which is farthest from the business: $30


On holidays, cat sitters often charge an additional fee because services are in higher demand. In addition, the professionals have to be compensated for working on a day many prefer to have off.

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